Google Now Offering AdSense Email Support

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AdSense Email SupportA WebmasterWorld thread by netmeg notes that Google AdSense is now offering some publishers email support.

There were rumors of better support coming for AdSense publishers for years but nothing really came until today.

Those publishers earning more than $25 per week, on a consistent basis, are eligible for email support from Google AdSense. Of course, those earning a lot more have their own Google AdSense representatives they can email directly or even call.

To check to see if you are eligible, go to this page. If it says you are eligible, then great. It should say, "The Google Account you're signed in to is associated with an AdSense account that is eligible for email support." Otherwise, you are out of luck.

Here is a screen shot:

Google AdSense Email Support Eligibility

For more on the support eligibility, see this page.

I do not believe Google has announced this formally on their blog yet.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/10/2012 01:50 pm

Great news, at last!


09/10/2012 04:37 pm

Amazing news! Am not eligible as of now, but hopes have no limits my friend :)

Webstats Art

09/10/2012 06:53 pm

I was making over $100/day as a power user until google adsense banned my decade old account. F$#K google and their late attempt at supporting their clients.

Ismael Verón

09/10/2012 07:34 pm

too late.. I was already doomed


09/10/2012 10:54 pm

Too late for a lot of us sadly.


09/11/2012 05:43 am

"Do no evil". I guess it took them 8+ years since incorporating this statement into their tos to actually try a little bit and not be evil to publishers.


09/11/2012 01:33 pm

I guess Google can afford outsourced support from India now

John Allen

09/11/2012 02:06 pm

Just FYI - I hit the link you shared against a small and large (>$1000/day) AdSense account, but I the message there on both says "The Google account you're signed in to is associated with an AdSense account.". Thinking it could be a cookie issue I logged in with another browser and got the same message.

Vlad Nikolskiy

09/11/2012 04:45 pm

I really like Google, they never stop in one reached position, but forever in process of development. That's why I prefer to use instead of our standard Russian engine Yandex.


10/21/2012 02:07 pm

What about those publishers who are not getting approved for whatsoever reasons, when would google start providing reasonable support to them !!?

Damere Johnson

11/06/2012 06:24 am

i am pissed!!! this adsense is dumb as hell i have important vital questions i need to ask but there isn't phone support what the heck??? this is google the world's bigger search engine why is there not phone support i can't set my account up at all i've been looking for the email so i can email somebody one on one but all i get is idea of what the issue is that not helping at all because deas yall having don't comply what i need help on and if it did then what?? what if there a glitch or something and the system is messing up?? google need to get on top of this immediately i've had no problem with google up until now please somebody help my account is not letting me verify my bank account and adsense hasn't yet to verify my account so i can start making money i've been waiting a for almost darn mouths it's enough

el shaarawy

07/30/2013 10:14 am

if delete my videos on youtube will my money delete to in Adsense that are ecumulate from these videos?

Billy Bob

03/11/2014 09:44 pm

This is a PERSONAL comment of my own!!! Since Google has the abililty to do Maps Colled my data and SELL IT, buy Moffett Field, Buy a Ship, Send Employees from San Francisco to Mt View, Plus be in poliyics with Obama, and who knows what else, MAKe it DIFFICULT to understand Their ON-LIne Software Instructions BUT........... Can'T help there Customers with "CRITICAL" OR SIMPLE "PHONE SUPPORT", Then I guess THEY DON"T NEED MY LITTLE MONEY and I can just CANCEL "EVERY" program of THEIRS and convince others to do the same I will just cancel all GOOGLE ON MY 5 DEVISES and ask my 7 family members to do the SAME!!!! If more individuals add the feeling to do the same "JUST MAYBE", THEY WILL do Something about "THEIR" WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE SEEN IN MY SHORT 67 Years ON this EARTH!!!!! They are JUST like the U.S. Government slowly taking away our CIVIL RIGHTS. PLUS OUR "NEW" POLICE WILL EVEN Beatup or Kill 50-60 year old women! GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. and Please God, Have Mercey on our women and children at least!!! THIS IS THE "WORST COMPANY I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE"!!!!! PAST CUSTOMER ( Plus as MANY as I can convince to "THINK!" Charles Ackerman (JUST BILLY BOB)

Billy Bob

03/11/2014 09:50 pm

Pardon my poor spelling and grammer sometime. I am just sad and mad! Billy Bob

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