63% Say Google AdSense Earnings Down

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AdSense earnings 2012 pollA month ago, we polled our readers asking them if their Google AdSense earnings were up, down or the same.

We had about 300 responses come in and most of those who responded said their earnings are down historically.

The question we asked was are your Google AdSense Earnings Up Or Down Historically?

  • Over 62% said "My Earnings Are Down"
  • About 13% said "My Earnings Are the Same"
  • About 24% said "My Earnings Are Up"

Please read my poll disclosure policy before jumping to any scientific conclusions.

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10/08/2012 01:59 pm

Could we have a category for "Google took down my ads with very little explanation and lost me thousands per day" option? Getting frustrated with Google and their automated (delayed) responses when I had complied to their new guidelines and request to be reevaluated.

Webstats Art

10/08/2012 02:20 pm

Same here. Google cancelled my 10 year power account for adsense. I was earning $100/day in the good times and now it is zero because I am adsenseless. I can't understand why they would suddenly cancel my account after 10 years of good service. Oh - One more thing! Beware of cheap hosting that promises unlimited bandwidth. I made Webstatsart for fun and was getting monthly increase in traffic but my ISP banned my website because it complained about overload and now webstatsart.com is useless. I guess I will have to change it's mission and make it into a lousy blog. I have nothing to do anymore on the web except take care of my old websites which I never update but still make money from direct advertising. I like coming to Barry's blog because he actually bothers to try and dig out something interesting. My current feelings are "Why bother updating or improving your sites if this kind of activity is going to be considered as excessive SEO? Better to leave them as they are and squeeze every penny that you can out of them while making a back up plan to continue on the web as if google did not exist. I know this is hard but it is still possible to make something popular WITHOUT google. Maybe my new website will concentrate on googleless success tips.


10/09/2012 08:21 am

I had a look at your site a while ago and I think a big part of your traffic increase may have been because when people tested their site you gave them a do follow link at the bottom. I noticed that links stayed up only seconds so you probably had some bots hitting your scripts. Also a site i make 8k a month your site sais was worth 4k? I know it isn't a perfect science calculating value of a site but that was quite a bit off.

Social Media Manager

06/26/2013 10:52 am

Relying on adsense is not what big companies and sites they rather they focus on premium networks and private ad sales as there are many instances where Google disabled adsense accounts for no reason at all which really makes it tough for people to rely on them as a source of living.

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