Google AdSense Direct - Google Takes 15% Of Your Direct Ad Sales

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Google AdSense DirectInitially, Google's answer to help small publishers do direct ad sales while filling those ad spots with AdSense when the direct ads were not available, was the DoubleClick for Publishers (initially called Google Ad Manager). Truth is, using it is complex for most publishers.

So Google AdSense came out with a new method yesterday named AdSense Direct, which basically swaps out your AdSense units with your direct sales and then when that campaign ends, the AdSense units return. What does Google get?

(1) More AdSense placements when your direct ads are not live where they get about 30% of the revenue. (2) On the direct ads, Google gets to 15% of the ad revenue. (3) Advertisers need to use Google Wallet.

But for many small publishers, this is a no brainer. Direct Ad sales can bring in more money but are hard to get. So when you get one, using this platform might make more sense.

Here is a video on how it works:

For more details, see the FAQs.

It seems like many publishers are not terribly into the idea of letting Google or AdSense manage their direct ad sales. A WebmasterWorld thread has senior member Netmeg saying "Not sure I'm on board but I have to look into it more."

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld & Google+.

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Alexander Hemedinger

01/22/2014 03:54 pm

This is a neat feature. However Google taking a percentage is blah! I am not sure it's worth that percentage honestly.....

Craig Payne

01/22/2014 09:20 pm

So you think Google should provide this service for free?

Param Kumar

01/23/2014 01:05 pm

Nothing is free in this World, Mind It

Alexander Hemedinger

01/23/2014 02:14 pm

No, for less. 15% is too much. Especially at the scale I am at.


01/23/2014 11:35 pm

I think that is kind of the point. If you are starting out and don't have a great ad serving program then this is a good way to start. If you are at a scale where managing it yourself is profitable, then serve your own ads.

Brian Manon

01/28/2014 03:30 pm

The percentage is pretty high especially for new webmasters starting out

Jerry Nordstrom

02/16/2014 01:14 am

15% is a premium rate and the requirement to use Google wallet is also a drawback. That said, it does simplify the management of direct ad sales and its through a company other advertisers use and may have more trust in. Google may also provide exposure to your advertising opportunities through media buying in the future. There are a great number of niche publishers that will find direct ads more financially rewarding than the low CPC they get from traditional adsense placements.

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