Google's "Actively Discussed On Google+" In Search Results

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Google+ LogoGoogle is testing yet another Google+ integration in the search results. This one is named "Actively Discussed On Google+" and shows up for some users.

The feature basically gives you an additional link under the search results that says "Actively Discussed On Google+." When you click on the link, it will expand and show you the discussion happening in Google+.

I was able to replicate it when using Chrome on my Mac while in incognito mode.

Here is a screen shot of it closed:


Here is a screen shot of it when it is opened:


Google is constantly testing ways to embed Google+ in the search results. This seems to be one more test.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Praveen Sharma

07/26/2012 12:55 pm

Google's another move to give a reason to people to use Google+. It integrated Local with Google+ and now embedding it in search results. CLEVER :)

Mike Kalil

07/26/2012 01:20 pm

Stop trying to make Google+ happen!

Bill Gales Jr.

07/26/2012 01:54 pm

I really like Google+

Rob Woods

07/26/2012 04:22 pm

This is the tip of the iceberg. They are going to force it down our throats like it or not. Why not give us a reason to use it rather than just plastering it everywhere. You can't force or trick people into liking you. Google needs to answer the question: Why would I use you rather than FB and Twitter? If they can't answer that, go change + until you can. Then promote the hell out of it.

Lyndon NA

07/26/2012 04:51 pm

Just who is that tall, dark and helmeted chap in the image? :D (Sorry, couldn't resist) Seems like Google are desparately pushing G+. Don't suppose they happen to include content from elsewhere? No? That could look bad for them - as it seems a little unfair/monopolistic. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of the whole "we will ram G+ down your throat" mentality, or the "we'll ignore everyone else and show you only our own"?

Webstats Art

07/26/2012 05:01 pm

Google Plus is not being shoved down people's throats according to pro-Google+ people. It is impossible for Google to do anything non-organic according to them. Anyone who says anything negative about Google Plus on a popular forum will be shot down by the Google+ brigade who mainly consist of techies who once crowded (and still crowd) the Google webmaster forums and other places where they speak/write in low tones and all wear the same clothes. Remember to smile and be positive always because being sick of G+ is a sin in the holy church of Google. ;)

Shane Atkins

07/26/2012 05:24 pm

Google are trying to hard too make Google+ work. They shouldn't change search instead add new features to Google+.

Nick Pateman

07/26/2012 07:52 pm

Why would anyone want to read the comments about an article before they've read the article? Besides, there's every chance that the comments that Google decides to embed are completely out of context or just some random trolling... at least it could make for some hilarious SERPs.

Bhupendra Shekhawat+

07/27/2012 06:49 am

Does Google trying to force us for use Google plus actively...


07/27/2012 05:09 pm

Google need Google + to work to make search better. The results are a mess at the moment and Google sees + as the light at the end of the tunnel.

Murthy Seo

07/28/2012 06:00 am

Google promotes their G+ service to meet out the facebook competition. What are you think guys...?

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