Google's Custom 404 Page Robot

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Google 404 RobotGoogle has finally went cool and hip with their custom 404, playing catch up to Twitter and the likes, creating their own Google Broken Robot.

Try it out, go to

Twitter has the fail whale, which we see way too often. I believe many other Twitter-like companies have these 404 pages that are fun and creative.

I am just surprised Google doesn't put a search box on these pages.

Here is a larger picture of the custom 404:

Google Custom 404 page

I apologize to the person who sent this news to me on Twitter yesterday, I cannot find their tweet to give them credit. :(

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Jody Cake

03/02/2011 02:39 pm

so, so.. I'm a tad surprised they didn't add a google search box with a site search of with the robot asking you if you would like him to help you find what you what you were possibly looking for.. BTW, also brings up the broken robot, I'm a tad surprised they don't have a redirect set to send that 1 to

Search Engine

03/02/2011 04:31 pm

How do you make these kind of pages? is it a special kind of code?

Barry Schwartz

03/02/2011 04:32 pm

Really? Read

Anna Bourland

03/02/2011 04:48 pm

Jody Cake, agreed. Simple additions that make the page meaningful should be no-brainers. And wow on the android thing - that needs a redirect.

William Vicary

03/02/2011 04:58 pm

I'm very surprised Google doesn't have a more userfriendly 404 page, a page saying "error happened" is kind of useless when they can practically understand what you are searching for when you create a typo query in their search engine - wheres the cleverness Google? I mean heck at LEAST slap in a google custom search engine on the page like wowhead does: Poor show for a search engine! Poor show!

Simon Cole

03/03/2011 01:07 am

The Twitter Fail Whale page isn't a custom 404 page, it appears when their servers are overloaded. Their 404 page is pretty boring, but at least it's got a search box!


03/03/2011 03:35 am

Google knows what people are searching for .they can built a advanced cutomized choice option webpage for 404 error page .


03/03/2011 06:19 am

Google can use some more options to make 404 error page really useful to make a real search .this is really crap


03/03/2011 06:45 am

Google knows how to resolved 404 custom error.. this is interesting post..


04/11/2011 10:39 pm

sums it up nicely...a pretty picture. i found some seo ppl - simply redirect all 404 traffic back to the homepage. maybe it can benefit seo/ serps... i just recall a few people have problems at host level with implementing 404 pages... or maybe i am mistaken...? anyways, thanks for the read and the think and the ggle seo round tbl i guess this is as funny as goog gets, or maybe that april fools i saw... a job post for a auto responder... my sides, nurse my sides iDCx


04/13/2013 02:34 pm

I like that error page


04/13/2013 02:36 pm

I like these error pages so much


04/13/2013 02:58 pm

I like these errors on them computer operating systems (os) and 404 not found errors on the internet so much because i love them all the world and back again

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