Google Now Shows Your Reservations, Orders & Tickets In Search Results

Dec 24, 2012 • 8:50 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google quietly announced on Google+ an upgrade to their field test of showing your Gmail related content in your search results.

Now instead of showing just flight results and your emails, it now will show your restaurant reservations, your hotel bookings, your event tickets and even order receipts. All you need to do is search for things like [my orders], [my reservations], [my flights] and so on.

Here are some screen shots of how the results may look:

Gmail Hotel Search

Gmail Restaurant Search

Gmail Ticket Search

Gmail Receipts Search

Now, again, this is only available to limited users. U.S. users on basic gmail accounts, not Google Apps users, who opt into the field trial at this URL.

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Andrea Moro

12/24/2012 02:14 pm

Google Now release is getting close!


12/24/2012 03:05 pm

Yay! I participate in another trial where I tell Google every time I take a dump. Googlers keep track of them with charts and all for my benefit. What would I do without Googlers?


12/24/2012 03:19 pm

Another good reason to not use Gmail or Google+, does anyone else find this way OTT?


12/24/2012 07:17 pm

I hope they allow user's to easily opt-out. The emails I exchange with customers are not high-security, but they are confidentials and I would be quite upset to see some of them popping in my serp when I speak to a customer. I remember the early days of Google Desktop: I was so excited about it that I quickly presented it to a customer, only to realize that I was showing my client a lot of details about my private life that I was not intending him to learn about !

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