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Happy Earth Day everyone!

As expected, most of the search engines have special logos for the day. Google and Yahoo's logos are animated, Google has a JPG that rotates between images (like an animated GIF but not) to show the evolution of the growth. Yahoo has a nice animated logo, Bing and have really nice background themes and even Sogou has a special logo.

Google's logo in stages (warning, a lot of scrolling needed) but before, here is a video of it in action:

Google Earth Day Logo

This logo was actual photos shot by a Google Doodler over time. Google's Marissa Mayer explained on Twitter:

Yahoo's animated logo:

Sogou logo:

Sogou Earth Day Logo

Bing Logo:

Bing Earth Day Logo Logo: Earth Day Logo

For the past year's Earth Day logos, see 2011 Earth Day, 2010 Earth Day, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.

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04/22/2012 07:32 pm

There is no need to be concerned about global warming on this Earth Day.   The present global warming started approximately 25 thousand years ago and is about to end as a new ice-age begins.   The “Vostok Ice Core Data” indicates that long before the industrial age, temperature change caused an 800 year delayed change in the atmospheric CO2 level and that was misinterpreted to be the cause of the temperature change.   According to the Vostok data the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere is 380 ppm = 0.038% = 0.00038 and is a very small proportion. The difference between natural and man made CO2 is less than 0.008% = 0.00008 and probably has as much influence on the earths temperature as its magnitude suggests.   If the periodic temperature cycling is as consistent today as it has been for the last 450 thousand years in the Vostok data, an ice-age is due to start soon and it has nothing to do with human activity or the 0.038% of CO2 in the atmosphere.   A knowledgeable person might be concerned about the higher prices on energy, food, transportation, shelter and luxuries that the new unnecessary CO2 regulations will cause.   Remember Holly Maddux, 1977. Let it not happen to us all. Google’s flowers should be on Holly Maddux’s grave.   Ed Equestrian Support Specailist


04/23/2012 04:55 pm

The Holly Maddux situation has nothing to do with Earth Day. Ira Einhorn was a lunatic who killed Maddux out of jealousy because she broke up with him. Even if Ira Einhorn had founded Earth Day, which he didn't, Maddux's death would have nothing to do with Earth Day. On top of all this, the real organizers of Earth Day wrote a signed letter here that states, "Ira Einhorn’s claims that he was a founder or organizer of Earth Day are false. He is a fraud. His lies do a real disservice to those of us who were and are deeply concerned about our planet’s environmental problems and who have worked hard to solve them." Why you would lament Holly Maddux's death as having something to do with global warming theories is baffling. "Let it not happen to us all" - Let what not happen to us all? Breaking up with people who founded Earth Day who kill us out of jealousy? This emotional plea makes no sense. From the graph "Data 1" in your link, it looks like the temperature isn't affected by C02 concentrations because of the large spike in CO2 without a corresponding reaction in temperature in the ice core extractions. This spike in the CO2 level is from the increased use of fossil fuels over the past 150 years during the industrial revolution; therefore, human activity has caused a very noticeable increase in C02. This spike is way bigger than any other part of the graph over the past 420,000 years.  The article states that the reason why the temperature hasn't reacted correspondingly during this "spike" in this graph is probably because of the oceans acting as a heat sink which delays the increase in atmospheric temperatures.  They also say, "there are recent indications that the oceans are now warming, which will reduce their ability to act as a heat sink" so, we do need to be concerned about human influence in climate change. Another important point from the next page is that these ice core samples were take from Antarctica which is in the southern hemisphere. The article points out that the southern hemisphere is less affected by global temperatures than the northern hemisphere which makes these core samples even less reliable: "It seems the northern hemisphere is affected more by global temperature changes than the southern hemisphere." Even stronger evidence of human activity influencing climate change occurs on the next page. If you look at the graphs on this page, you'll see that there is a correlation between C02 and other greenhouse gases, and the Earth's climate. These graphs are more accurate because they are taken from air measurements and not from ice cores: "After 1958, the data are from annual air measurements, not ice core proxies, and are therefore of higher quality." The graphs show that the exponential increase in CO2 from fossil fuels during the past 150 years during the industrial revolution is highly correlated to temperature increases. It's clear in these articles that the writer believes that human activity does affect climate change and that we should be concerned: "As Wallace Broecker likes to say, the Earth's climate system is "an angry beast" and one that we should not be poking with sticks, which of course is exactly what we are doing with all our carbon dioxide and other GTG (greenhouse trace gas) emissions."

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