62% Say Attacking Google's Matt Cutts Is Wrong

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SEO ThreatI am happy to say that the majority of our industry thinks that attacking Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts, as wrong.

I ran a poll asking Should SEOs/Webmasters Attack Google's Matt Cutts?

This was an anonymous poll, so I expected the response to be much more negative but only 34% said they think it is appropriate to attack Matt Cutts. 62% said it is not appropriate and 4% said they do not know.

To learn more about this topic, see our post from couple weeks ago. Here is the poll image:

google matt cutts attacks

We had almost 500 responses to this poll, but... Disclaimer: Please see my poll disclaimer post before coming to any conclusions on these results.

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04/21/2014 04:11 pm

because matt cutts not decide anything. him show himself to us as N1, person who make decisions. But it not true. Problem in google, not in matt cutts.


04/21/2014 04:15 pm

is 62% the not provided info? In reality, everyone is here to make income and solve problems. At the end of the day, google provides a service, and for the most part a good service. But my beef is this, when you look for a service company and get a full page of yelp listings, what kind of results are those? In the old days, 2 years ago you were rewarded with 2 serp listings if you deserved it.


04/21/2014 04:40 pm

Google's choices probably effect unemployment rates in retail and other sectors. They choose the winners and losers based on their algorithm and I would not be surprised if they were choosing to invest in or short public players in some of those spaces. They have horrible to non-existent customer service. I've gotten the "We don't have too because we're Google" several times from their reps. Matt Cutts actually said he wants to financially ruin people. He is largely responsible for his own PR nightmare. At anytime he can choose to stop being a d!@&. (at least publicly)


04/21/2014 05:26 pm

i think it not for long. may be soon they will tell us "we need a good customer support, because people search the web using other search engines and our spyware projects like google glasses and android smartphones not cover our revenues".

Durant Imboden

04/21/2014 06:49 pm

Attacking Matt Cutts may or may not be "wrong," and it may be cathartic, but it's clearly a waste of time.


04/21/2014 07:18 pm

because him not a real person, just a googlebot avatar.


04/21/2014 07:45 pm

PR blowback is one of the levers a market has to respond to the actions of a monopoly. Promoting awareness to wrong doing can eventually lead to change.

Mandeep Hooda

04/22/2014 11:24 am

It is most of time feel good to find fresh and quality result on Google SERP. According to me @matt cutts doing well for all.


04/22/2014 08:39 pm

Matt Cutts is a spokesperson. Yes, he is the head of Google's search spam team but he is not the only one who decides to ban a site, create a new algorithm. He mostly brings the information to the mass (we should thank him for that) and it may seem natural for some people to attack him for bad news and praise for good ones. But hey, it's just like accuse a weather man for rain - simply stupid.


04/23/2014 06:00 am

The question is whether you're attacking Matt Cutts for being ineffective at stopping search spam, or for being effective at stopping your search spam.


04/24/2014 11:38 am

I don't think people should attack Matt for being the messenger, and I am sure it is hard on him to have that position. But he should not also be flaunting some of the things he does like posting pics of Panda and Penguin key chains for Christmas gifts. This is a REAL sore subject for many small businesses who have been affected by this (that have done nothing wrong) and that have had to lay people off and get loans to try to stay in business all because Google is in a war "fighting spam". It really hurt to see that at Christmas time just after letting 2 people go, and all that my business has been through, as a result of this. This is not fun, and it's not a game, this is business affecting people's lives.

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