DMOZ Drops Over 1 Million Sites From Directory?

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dmoz logoDid you notice that DMOZ, one of the oldest and largest human crafted web directories, has removed over 1 million sites and 10,000 editors from their directory?

A DigitalPoint Forum thread first noticed it. If you look at the live site now, you will see 4,261,763 sites, 89,252 editors and over 1,019,865 categories in the footer. But if you go to the WayBackMachine archive you will see 5,310,345 sites, 99,997 editors and over 1,019,508 categories.

Here are screen shots:





As you can see, DMOZ dropped about 1 million sites from their directory and 10,000 editors. There was no announcement about this, so I am not sure if this is just a glitch on the footer.

They did however post a rare blog post announcing a new feature for reporting listings.

Of course, most of you don't bother with DMOZ listings anymore anyway but still, interesting to see 1 million sites just vanish from DMOZ.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Sunny k. ujjawal

02/03/2014 01:23 pm

DMOZ need to update the links to search engines..provided for any search query like URL to Bing, Altavista, A9 need a update.


02/03/2014 02:17 pm

DMOZ are near impossible to get a site into unless your bribe an editor which I have done in the past..

Attila Szuhi

02/03/2014 02:54 pm

I can verify this information. The DMOZ deleted sites, where I was the editor, even sites which are leading in their category and region, meanwhile left low quality/minimal content sites. (Those sites was accepted before I became the editor)


02/03/2014 03:36 pm

That corrupt sad excuse of a directory is still around? It needs to go away.


02/03/2014 06:07 pm

so they reindexed.. big deal.


02/03/2014 07:31 pm

who actually uses DMOZ for anything apart from a lift in google? Seeing as google don´t lift nothing no more... why is this site even on the net?


02/03/2014 09:57 pm

DMOZ automatically removes dead links from its live directory. To me the numbers suggest that the Internet has a lot of websites and links that go dead. Like it or hate it, I think the loss of editors and shrinking size reflects a loss of relevance from which I don't think it will recover.


02/04/2014 04:45 am seems the answer is simply a bug fix.

Soni Sharma

02/04/2014 04:46 am

In the past many web promotion companies asked their employees for applying in DMOZ editor program. They succeeded and then pushed their client's websites submitted and approved by their editors slowly. I don't know that practices is spammy or not bcoz some websites doesn't have that much quality to be listed in DMOZ.


02/04/2014 04:58 am

In their blog they said like, "Last weeks editing software update not only introduced the new Report a listing feature, it also included several bug fixes. One of these addressed a problem with the total site and editor counts shown on the directory homepage. Keen observers may have noticed a drop in both of these numbers following the software install. The counts are now accurate and will update on a more frequent schedule."

Pankaj Das

02/04/2014 05:14 am

Current Google Algorithm is strict for all website as we already know google has already penalized many popular website so to maintain the google policy and site quality it is necessary to remove those website which are low quality, irrelevant and spammy.


02/04/2014 11:03 am

Yes, all the editors push their own clients sites and block any site that might compete. Seriously corrupt and poorly designed site that worked in the 90's but needs to die now!

Patti Paz

02/04/2014 12:22 pm

So What??? What purpose does DMOZ server anyway. It's kinda like the walking dead.

Derek Price

02/04/2014 01:33 pm

Anyone read the news about the updated stat's yet?


02/04/2014 03:18 pm

google is so spammy

Derek Price

02/04/2014 11:31 pm

Why are they spammy? Can you backup your reply or did you reply in hopes of getting a backlink in the comment section?

Gracious Store

02/05/2014 03:10 am

What is Dmoz's reason for removing the sites ?

Joseph Weglarz

02/05/2014 03:39 am

here is their recent post reguarding what happened

Barry Schwartz

02/05/2014 11:19 am



02/05/2014 06:51 pm

do you checked my comment and see what no any links inside it? or you unable to check some search engine cache? google spammy because of links to their own sites and to sites of internet coalition. Same links, lot of time to same pages on same sites, under same and simular queries. This is I understand under low quality and spammy.

Merlin the Twit

04/21/2014 07:41 pm

This is one of the worst displays of the English language I've ever seen. Whether relevant or not at least they can accurately write

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