Can Google Index Disqus Comments? No But Here Is How.

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disqus seoPersonally, one of my favorite features on my site is the commenting, which is powered by Disqus.

But this being a site on search engines and SEO, how do I get around making sure Google, Bing and other search engines can index the comments? As many people know, Disqus comments are viewable only through JavaScript - so how do you get the comments to be indexed by the search engines?

When we implemented this on version 4 of the Search Engine Roundtable, I made sure to leverage the Disqus API.


(1) I wanted to own all the comments and have them as a backup in my own database.

(2) I wanted to make them search engine friendly

(3) But I also love the user interface and ease of commenting via Disqus, so I took that

(4) I also wanted Disqus to deal with the comment spam and server load issues caused by that.

So to a user, the comments seem to be fully powered by Disqus. But I manage the comments via the API but on the CMS backend we built. So when I remove a comment for spam, it removes it from both the search engine's view and user's view.

Let me say that this is not cloaking or anything like that because users and search engines are seeing the exact same content.

That being said, let me show you how it works.

Here are some comments on the blog:

Disqus Comments

If you view source, they show in the source code as this:

Disqus Comments in Code

And yes, Google knows about the comments, it shows up for searches for the comments:

Disqus Google

Anyway, it works well for me and I kind of feel I get the best of both worlds with this solution. It isn't "easy" to code this all out, but I feel the approved comments add a lot to the articles I post here and thus want them indexed by the search engines.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

Note: This story was written earlier this week and scheduled to be published today.

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Jeff Yablon

09/29/2011 02:58 pm

Barry, thank goodness you're talking to SEOs, who in general have enough technical know-how to A) understand and B) implement what you're explaining. OTOH, let's face facts: many people, including SEOs, won't do what you've done. In fact, it's one of the reasons we neither use DISQUS nor recommend it; yep, you lose the comments juice, and that's after the reality that someone else "owns" your comments. But even if you jump through the hoop you've described-but-failed-to-actually-outline, you're still left with the dupe content question; I presume that DISQUS will look like the owner of the content to Google even though you're the originator and gave Google a roadmap back to it. At the very least, if DISQUS makes their data visible (duh!), they've got more juice than you do (I, almost anyone) based on their size. Fun tip, but ... probably pretty pointless, function-wise.

Michael Martinez

09/29/2011 05:32 pm

Actually, I like the fact that Disqus comments are not normally indexable.  It keeps the SEOs who cannot see beyond their 10-year-old link building myths out of the way.

Tyler Hayes

09/29/2011 06:34 pm

Pro- or anti-SEO sentiments aside, glad to hear you were able to get this set up. For anyone else looking to render comments server-side, so they can be seen by search engines, see our Data synchronization documentation. And feel free to contact us at or if we can help clarify anything. For those using WordPress, our WordPress plugin already renders comments server-side so the documentation in the above paragraph is unnecessary. Our MovableType, Drupal, and Blogger integrations/plugins also offer an option to sync comments from Disqus back to the respective platform so they can be rendered server-side with a little extra love as well. (I was going to reply to the Cre8asite forums earlier when I originally saw the conversation there but once I registered I wasn't allowed to view the board anymore; I guess an administrator needs to review my account -- I'd just registered to post on this conversation -- before I can post.)

SEO Services

09/30/2011 12:36 am

It's great that you got your comments to be visible via disqus!  I really like your site and your weekly recaps, and I'm glad to hear that you are willing to pass link value to your followers.

Maula Nurul Khakam

10/04/2011 05:24 am

hi.. what about the tutor to change source code of disqus like above??thanks

Mental Arithmetic

10/04/2011 11:09 am

Can you make an update on this post, eg. how to leverage Disqus API? :D 

Search Engine Optimization

10/09/2011 02:40 pm

Hi, I really like diqus very much. I would like to see more possibilities for users to login (aol, msn, google, only god knows what else) I know open ID is very good too. but a lot of users dont know what its all about.


10/17/2011 08:58 pm


10/24/2011 10:54 pm

Effective blog commenting is one way to increase your own blog's readers and search engine ranking. vancouver search engine optimization

Dan Stativa

10/27/2011 01:27 pm

Nice post. I think the search engines are indexing the comments anyway because these days Google at least executes js. And css and everything. Except flash :)


10/27/2011 07:32 pm

Great post.  Personally, I find the value in DISQUS to be more community and networking than SEO.  That being said, I'm a little confused.  When I "Fetch as Google" from Webmasters Tools on a stock install of DISQUS it's pulling the comments just fine.

Stuart Stirling

10/29/2011 12:11 am

when I look at the source code on my blog where I'm using Disqus, all the comments and urls of commentors are there.. and I don't use any API... so does that mean it's good for seo?

Andy Harkness

10/29/2011 06:54 am

I disagree with Jeff's comment that Disqus comments are being treated as duplicate content. If you Google  "I presume that DISQUS will look like the owner of the content to Google even though you're the originator and gave Google a roadmap back to it" you end up on with this page #1 on the search page, not Disqus.

World Traveller

10/31/2011 06:11 pm

By chance, would you mind sharing the code you used to make disqus SEO friendly? Otherwise, this post doesn't really help anyone looking to do this. It could take hours and possibly hiring someone to figure out how to use the API to export data. It would be nice if folks didn't have to reinvent the wheel. Thanks in advance.

Barry Schwartz

10/31/2011 06:12 pm

No, it is a custom thing, it wouldn't help you. This is not a wordpress blog.

World Traveller

10/31/2011 06:20 pm

Bummer. I came here from Google because the post said 'Making Disqus SEO friendly' and 'Here's how...'   Too bad it doesn't actually say anything about how. I'll keep searching.

Tyler Hayes

10/31/2011 06:47 pm

Hey WT, just in case you didn't see my earlier comment, we have a Data synchronization guide which walks you through the steps on how to to do this for non-WordPress sites. If you have any questions after going through the guide don't hesitate to shoot us a message at


11/01/2011 10:44 am

I just read teh news that Google has started indexing Facebook comments and immediately started looking out for Disqus. But it seems like Google still does not index Disqus if they are embedded as a javascript code on your page. I am now thinking of using the method youhave mentioned i.e. API's.


11/02/2011 08:11 pm

Super useful, thanks a lot! Wolfgang Loss-Wells

Vancouver Video Production

11/06/2011 06:07 pm

I too am wondering the impact of Google indexing Facebook comments and if at some point they will index Disqus comments.

Multilingual seo

11/23/2011 09:29 am

I now DISQUS plugin auto approved but search engine not like their links one i create 20 links then i bookmark after  one day when i check on search engine my ranking still.    Next day i create forum links after then i bookmark these account and when i check next day my ranking increase little bit you can get link from disqus but not good response on search engine easily.

Facebook Likes

12/01/2011 08:54 am

Google search engine is very popular in all over the world because easily search every thing. That is why 95%  people use it. I satisfied this engine. But now a days mostly people use other search engine why?

Niche Research

12/07/2011 12:27 am

Many website owners are now using Disqus for their commenting system. However, it would important things also to install a spam filter system to get rid of any spam that might ruin your page.

Manuel Garcia

12/08/2011 04:09 am

Is there any way to send automatic message if I approved the comment of the visitors?


12/09/2011 02:30 am

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Social Bullets

12/11/2011 12:14 pm

Yes its depend on what publisher uses for a comment section, sometime you saw your comments in source code and some times there is nothing so it is dependent feature by Disqus.


12/12/2011 01:29 pm

Thanks for your tips! But I am still not figure out how to do this. I use  Disqus on HTML page, the comment did't show in the content like  wordpress comment.

Brian Johnson

12/14/2011 08:45 am

Wow, I did not even know that disqus comments are usually javascript and invisible to search engines. That is definitely unfortunate. I noticed also that if you have a link to your site via your name, it is actually linking to disqus first and the routing you to your website. Tricky.

Tyler Hayes

12/14/2011 10:27 pm

Can you elaborate on that second point? We link your name directly to the site you set in your profile, not Disqus. (Though we do link to your Disqus profile when clicking your avatar.)

Brian Johnson

12/14/2011 11:46 pm

Well I see now that your site does in fact like directly to the commenters site, which is great! I assume that is part of what you have done manually though to improve SEO. I noticed on most (if not almost ever single on) of the other sites using disqus, it links to a custom disqus URL that forwards to your own link. Which, as far as I understand it, completely invalidates just about any SEO benefit for the commenter.

Tyler Hayes

12/14/2011 11:56 pm

Can you link me to one of those affected comments you mentioned? Comment links can usually be found by clicking the timestamp on a comment itself.

Brian Johnson

12/15/2011 12:20 am

You know I think I might be mistaken... I did it just yesterday and I swear it went to disqus first, but it doesn't seem to be doing it anymore. I guess I was wrong about it or seeing a glitch or something, I really don't know!

Tyler Hayes

12/15/2011 12:25 am

Sounds good. If you do see this again don't hesitate to reach out to us at or with a link to an affected comment and we'd be happy to take a look.


12/27/2011 05:23 pm

seo + nice interface + easy comment = intensedebate :) 

Jonathon Hewitt

01/03/2012 12:51 am

I just got done switching 20+ WordPress blogs away from using Disqus commenting system for this very reason, THEY ARE STEALING OUR COMMENTS!! Even using the API each comment is going to get published in two places, the website AND a subdomain of disqus .com (yourshortname . disqus .com) so there is an exact duplicate of each one of your comments published out there on the web, devaluing your content. I have switched to livefyre and I'm liking it so far, although it is not as developed it seems as Disqus, at least your comments get published and indexed by search engines as being on your actual website without having to be a genius like Barry Schwartz and without having to code any API scripts.

Tyler Hayes

01/03/2012 01:00 am

This is actually untrue; there are no duplicates. To elaborate, forum admin sites and pages (e.g., the site you mentioned) are not viewable by search engines as they require login authentication -- those are private pages and thus their content is not crawled by any search engines. Profile pages are also set to not be crawled by search engines. In other words, comments are only visible to the world, and to search engines, on your site itself. And if you're using our WordPress plugin, or rendering comments in your own custom fashion so that search engines can see them, your comments are crawlable by search engines on your site and your site only.

Jonathon Hewitt

01/03/2012 01:11 am

Well then I guess it's a good thing it's easy to switch 'em back then! Thanks for clarifying that for us!!


01/03/2012 07:38 pm

If you're expecting your visitors to give your site great content by posting comments, you should be returning the favor by keeping their identity links (the links on their name in comments) in your "search-engine friendly" version. As it stands, search engines will not see comments' links, just their name. If you're worried about leeching PageRank, you could at least place nofollow links, which would make links known to search engines, even if it doesn't help the destinations' ranks directly.


01/03/2012 07:42 pm

Keep in mind, Brian, that search engines don't see the version of the comment that has the link, so it wouldn't matter. Also, notice that Disqus marks all identity links as "nofollow" to protect the PR of the site's posts against commenters. It's a little upsetting, since there is no option to change that and commenters deserve some credit.


01/06/2012 05:07 am

Why does DISQUS censor comments?  If DISQUS wants to reflect their views I want to stop using them.  I don't care about DISQUS views and opinions.

Tyler Hayes

01/06/2012 07:58 am

To clarify, we don't moderate any content.  While Disqus provides many moderation tools, moderation is at the discretion of each site's owners. If your comments are being moderated we'd recommend reaching out directly to the moderator of the website in question. Usually they'll list a contact form or email. That said, if you are having any technical issues with our system we're more than happy to lend a hand. Feel free to contact our support team any time at


01/13/2012 11:15 pm

Great support Tyler.  I really like how you are a part of this conversation and clearing up any issues.  I may go with Disqus because of it.  Great job...

Google Rank

01/17/2012 08:40 pm

Makes it interesting and more challenging to get links I think. Some will show through though.

Baggage Fees

01/19/2012 08:12 pm

Tyler, the data synchronization appears to be part of the api.  Is the api available in the free version or only available in your paid options?

Tyler Hayes

01/19/2012 08:36 pm

API access is free. We set rate limiting at 1000 requests/hour currently for Core users (i.e., those using the free version of Disqus). Check out and feel free to toss any questions our way at

Metaburn NZ

01/19/2012 08:44 pm

Yes its depend on what publisher uses for a comment section, sometime you saw your comments in source code and some times there is nothing so it is dependent feature by Disqus.  

Julie James

01/24/2012 07:57 am

Yes I have the same feeling regarding disqus because it has made my work so comfortable and easy that it hardly cost me anything. It is the quickest way to get approvals.

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01/27/2012 06:11 pm

A few days ago I wrote about a new Graffiti theme that I created for my blog, named Rounded. Since then a few people have emailed me asking for the Rounded.xml file so that they could use it on their own Graffiti blog

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01/28/2012 05:03 pm

I adore your wordpress design, where did you obtain it through?

Console Prices

01/30/2012 12:23 pm

It would be nice if the standard disqus implementation was less reliant on javascript and more accessible to the search engines too.


01/31/2012 06:13 am

now I know how to track my blog comments using disqus ... :D

Jetset Plumbing

02/01/2012 03:28 am

Interesting post, I really did read it but judging by the comments I was one of few ha ha.


02/06/2012 01:28 pm

Wrong, now Google Bot is able to index Disqus comments, also, do you think that Google never heard of Disqus :), they probably handle this type of comments in a special way!

Ian Harte

02/08/2012 09:42 am

Nice one, I did not know about this! 

SEO Services

02/11/2012 09:37 am

Good one! I thought disqus comment is not search engine friendly but you made it clear that it is search friendly :)

Krushang Shah

02/12/2012 05:59 am

Now, Google already declared that they are gonna crawl the disqus and facebook comments. So, you don't need to do this tricks.

Disqus Comments

02/13/2012 03:19 am

How can you be so sure that Google indexes the comments? I mean If I check the backlinks made from other site I can see the comments posted on Disqus.


02/15/2012 09:55 am

Thanks Krushang.

Lotto Results

02/20/2012 02:24 pm

That's how it should disqus be by default. Not everyone has the ability to implement the API themselves but everyone wants to make their websites/blogs as SEO friendly as possible and disqus is not very user friendly where SEO friendliness is concerned. 


02/20/2012 04:15 pm

for a second i thought u were Ian Harte, former Leeds United full back. Cheers!


02/23/2012 09:26 am

Cool. I want to learn more about your code.

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

02/25/2012 05:06 pm

Another good reason to use Disqus.

Jeff Yablon

02/27/2012 07:49 pm

I didn't say GOOG couldn't do it; I said the juice leaves you and accrues elsewhere. Read, brother


02/28/2012 03:53 pm

Where do I place this code?


03/02/2012 04:51 am

I have heard in the past that google can only crawl Disqus if its on a wordpress site.  Does the new announcement change anything? or does it still only apply to wordpress plugins?


03/03/2012 01:26 am

Any idea as to when they plan to start or have they already started?

Krushang Shah

03/03/2012 10:03 pm

 yes they have already started crawling disqus and Facebook comments if you don't believe me then just copy any pate my comment in Google.


03/07/2012 11:57 pm

i dont know really if it make a Shown backlink at Google and increase Page Rank or not ??  had anyone answer ??


03/12/2012 01:32 pm

I think commenting system is not inferior to Disqus


03/15/2012 02:51 pm

Awesome, I been using disqus on my blog for sometime but one of my major concerns was that if Google could read it, seems that this post sums it up for me. It might be worth mentioning that I write a post about blocking comment spam here: Sadly Disqus has the disadvantage for leaving a footprint without the option of removing it since it's hard coded. with that said administrating the spam is hands down one of the best on Disque I hate Akismet with passion, it believes EVERYTHING is spam even the good comments and even thought they don't say they are a blacklisting service and there system is SUPER smart (ALL LIES). GOOD POST THX!

Top 10 lists

03/22/2012 02:31 pm

It's good that you thought about this. I was always curious if Google was able to index Disqus comments. But as I can see here in comments, some guys said that although it's javascript, Google now indexes both Disqus and facebook comments. This is great for everyone! :)

Website Design VA

03/23/2012 03:28 pm

I think many folks are still not sure what they are talking about, and to be very frankly I am still not sure about this on how to read it. 1- Every site with Disqus comments gets crawled ? 2- Are these changes in code required by the site Admin or user like my self? I would really appreciate if someone can go into more detail about this.


04/17/2012 09:14 am

Just switched to Disqus myself, so will check first if the comments are getting found by Goog before I go this code route.


04/22/2012 02:48 am

Thanks for the tips, just changed to Disqus a moment ago!

Ken Ashe

04/26/2012 07:00 pm

This is what I came here looking for. I'm grad these comments are indexed now. Now I think I'm going to change my comments over to disqus too.

Losing Stomach Fat

05/01/2012 09:36 am

Well to set the record straight: Google will NOT index your comments if you are using the universal code. I have several websites with loads of comments but none have been indexed by google. I want them to be indexed as they add to the overall content of the page and this adds value because it makes the page more attraactive to google. You want your pages to be read by google if you are using a comments system, but with disqus the comments are not being read. See for yourself, go to one of your pages and select 8 lines of one of the comments, then go to google and paste the comment in between "comment text" and hit search If the comment has been indexed it will show up straight away in the results. So now I have to read up about Data synchronization, API etc etc What a load of hassle! Why can't disqus just offer something that is easy to use and is indexed without having to set-up databases etc

Seo Company Leeds

05/04/2012 10:03 am

Same here just switched to Disqus so wait and see whether Google indexes.  Sadly seo'ers are always up against Google.

Digital Marketing Agency Kent

05/14/2012 06:11 am

How can you be so sure that The the search engines crawls the comments? I mean If I evaluate the returning backlinks developed from other website I can see content launched on Disqus.

Ryan Anderson

05/16/2012 05:12 pm

Yes, it looks like they are indexed... thanks for the update!


05/22/2012 12:30 pm



05/31/2012 05:17 pm

is the link also cached by google while commenting through desqus?


06/01/2012 01:35 am

Now, Google already declared that they are gonna crawl the disquss and facebook comments. So, we don't need to do this tricks.


06/04/2012 05:43 pm

Hi, i have been reading your blog since feb but never noticed this beautiful disqus comment css...what css code are you using for your disqus comments...reply soon

santosh singh

06/11/2012 10:16 am

Techcrunch recently outsourced their comments to Disqus as do many large publishers. Do Google and other search engines index the comments and attribute the content to your site?

Melbourne Fl Web Design

06/13/2012 03:05 pm

So google does index the comments but does it count as a backlink towards your website?

Uma Mah

06/16/2012 11:47 am

I don't know that the disqus comments are not indexed in google. Now I am able to know with the simple steps how to get them indexed. I will go to implement the steps you said.


07/01/2012 12:33 pm

i love Disqus but some my reader said Disqus hard to load my experience is differenced :)

Jared Melchert

07/02/2012 03:48 am

I would love to know the answer to this too.

Jared Melchert

07/02/2012 03:49 am

yea but its still nice to keep a backup of the comments on your own server


07/26/2012 09:44 am

So on other sites Disqus comments might not be indexed?

A Brisbane Handyman

08/08/2012 02:17 pm

It may crawl and index the content, but the links are still off the radar.

Cars Simplified

08/09/2012 10:18 pm

Wow, that's easier than I thought it would be! It seems like the people that could benefit most from this would be Tumblr users that post mostly images and have little to no text, but I don't think Tumblr allows any API stuff.


08/12/2012 03:16 pm

“I like to push barriers, I like to do things that no one has ever done ... “I'm just happy that I came hereand did what I wanted to do,” Bolt said. ... Comments that are abusive or off-topic will not be posted to the site. ... Google Battles Pirates By Burying Search Results in New Algorithm ... RegionalIndexes ...

reporting tool

08/20/2012 10:23 pm

Until today I had never used disqus for my comments, but after reading your article I think I will go and install it right away on every blog I own.

Winson Yeung

08/23/2012 06:15 am

that's good. So our comment on Disqus will still carry SEO love right?


08/28/2012 09:41 am

Then I think disqu is Good for backlink

Paul Alkema

09/13/2012 02:30 pm

Really? Works for me. :)

Losing Stomach Fat

09/13/2012 02:39 pm

Yes but this site is Not using the universal code. He is using the Disqus API, so all the comments are indexed. The vast majority of us who just slap in the general or universal code will not have their comments indexed. I have used the universal code on several websites with lot's of comments and they have not been indexed.


10/04/2012 02:42 pm

They said they do. But it seems not to work with my site. Disqus says the offer all the things needed and one should contact Google if Google doesn't index comments. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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10/20/2012 08:58 am

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10/29/2012 05:26 am

Google already declared that they are gonna crawl the disquss and facebook comments. So, we don't need to do this tricks.

imran farooqi

11/06/2012 12:01 pm

In fact, it's one of the reasons we neither use DISQUS nor recommend it; yep, you lose the comments juice, and that's after the reality that someone else "owns" your comments.

Michael Hazell

12/06/2012 09:14 pm

When are the Blogger issues going to be fixed?


01/22/2013 02:02 pm


Ramesh Krishna

01/23/2013 12:29 am

can any one here say me how to make the links on disqus to no follow


02/15/2013 12:36 am

I have disqus in my site and if I copy/past a comment into google I don't see it indexed. Nope! I've tried several times with different phrases and nothing. It only shows my competitors sites :(

Raheel Farooq

02/19/2013 08:43 pm

That's why I now use Disqus. It's really great.

Emmett Smith

02/25/2013 07:53 am

I think the newest version of disqus is crawlable but I am not sure they are stored on your server.

Cesar Bielich

02/26/2013 07:41 am

What about having a link on your Disqus profile page. Does that help when you comment on different pages. Does Google take that into consideration for link juice?

Ryan Key

03/22/2013 06:55 am

Not sure if any of this is true or coming to fruition, but I do love using Disqus, very easy comment system.

Henri Dufresne

03/23/2013 10:02 pm

Does it also count the link from a profile as an external link?


04/02/2013 08:38 pm

Is anyone else confused. Can we get an official update on this?

Inbound Marking

04/02/2013 10:03 pm

A very helpful information that people can surely rely on. Thanks for sharing this!


04/10/2013 02:13 pm

They're not. But you can fetch them through API.

Don Anastas

04/21/2013 04:23 pm

It was noted at SEO Moz by an expert that Disqus is indexable if your using Wordpress. If in fact this is true then for WP users you're all set. With WP your comments are stored in your database, therefore, indexable and searchable. Other's at SEO Moz commented that they do receive some traffic via their comments with Disqus.


04/24/2013 10:01 am

As per My Information, Disqus is crawled by Google.

Gordon Schroder

05/11/2013 05:04 pm

Disqus changed their commenting format recently... not so sure about it's SEO impact?

SEO Uzmanı

05/21/2013 07:41 pm

Thank you very much for the article.


06/25/2013 12:08 pm

Can you provide the exact process how to do this? This would be really great! I can't find it on this page nor on the linked pages.

micheal mcallum

06/28/2013 05:08 pm

thanks for sharing disqus seems to be the best platform for providing comments and makign the comments useful in terms of SEO is really too helpful

Restaurants in Mangalore

07/08/2013 07:08 am

This is really a great news for all! Its going to save me lot of hours to work for. :) Keep it up and i look forward to see more updates and improvements. Thanks!

Jonathan F. Rodriguez

07/08/2013 09:31 pm

This is an AWESOME post. What a wonderful way to make it work for your SEO website! That code is crazy and I am happy that someone has figured it out.


07/09/2013 08:55 am

Where exactly do you see the code? I can't find an explanation how to implement it...

aivil vin

07/12/2013 08:41 am

Disqus comments are being indexed by Google, simplly copy a comment and hit Google search, you will see the results. That's it. By the way, you can use Comment's RSS and ping it :)


07/12/2013 12:52 pm

The comments of my site are NOT being indexed.... But thanks for the tip to ping the comment's RSS feed - Hopefully Google will recognize it...

aivil vin

07/13/2013 10:06 am

You won't believe many search queries have words from Disqus comments in my blog, this awakening made me more careful about the comments on my posts and i started moderating them :)


07/13/2013 01:53 pm

Are you using Disqus on a WordPress blog? If yes, this explains why the comments are indexed. On a "usual" website like mine (without plugin) the comments are only indexed if you have a really big site...


07/19/2013 08:49 am

I think its good to not to indexing the comments. as we know this is simpliest way to get backlink from high PR website.

Smashing Ideaz

08/29/2013 04:54 am

As I know, now Google has ability to read javascript links and even links/content from flash, but upto a limited extent. In future Google may be able to read all content loaded via javascript or from within a flash/video file, as they may use Chrome to crawl data. Everything possible in the rapidly growling web technolog. I just read some information at W3 Scope, they have explained it in very detail.

Khurram ShahzAd

09/08/2013 07:20 am

What is your source?

09/26/2013 11:31 am


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10/07/2013 05:10 am

first of all, if your SEO strategy depends on Google indexing your comments, you're doing something wrong. I know that user-generated content can help you rank better in some ways because it's usually natural content about asubject related to your website, but I kind of doubt you're getting less Google love because you don't have enough indexable text. But the most important part: no, Google will not index iFrames. Disqus is indexable because you can link it to your Wordpress comment system, where the comments through Disqus will be injected into your own comment system. That way, if Disqus won't load Wordpress shows the same comments from it's own database, allowing Google to index it. Right now it looks like that's not the case.

Srinivasan T

10/25/2013 07:45 am

Yub! Google ability to crawl java script comments from Facebook and disqus. Its really good for marketers, Who are looking to implement website performance on Google.

Coole Dekoration

10/29/2013 10:27 am



11/03/2013 06:20 am

thnx i will help while improving my SEO thnx again

Tom Goodwin

12/12/2013 12:27 pm

You can check this with the following tool: Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Disqus comments are indexed for Squarespaces, the platform that i use. Has anyone found evidence to the contrary?

Robert wilson

12/19/2013 04:38 am

Nice comment

Ryan Bowman

01/09/2014 02:40 am

I was screwing around with this for a while and found the solution within Disqus. This only works if you're using Wordpress because WP stores all the Disqus comments in the local database so they can be rendered in the page's code. If your Disqus comments are not showing in your source code, go to your Wordpress dashboard and click on Disqus under comments. Then click on Plugin settings in upper right corner. You'll see settings here for syncing the Wordpress comments with your Disqus comments and also enabling server side rendering of comments. Worked for me.

Webmaster Sun

01/17/2014 05:22 am

Useful code and tips in this topic, but I think Google can index Disqus comments because our Search engines are very intelligent and can read information from javascript or even flash :)

Georgi Todorov

01/17/2014 08:34 am

That was helpful. Thanks!

John Williams

01/30/2014 01:51 pm

Since disqus comments are now being indexed... I would think they do hold value in the comment links. I personally think no-follow links do help sites rank organically. I know they don't pass page rank (green bar juice), but they do count as links. I would personally never turn down a good no-follow link on an indexed page


02/17/2014 06:05 am

Its great, I am also implementing this for my current affairs and govt jobs website , but I feel these are not getting indexed in google search

NJ WordPress Specialists

02/20/2014 02:21 pm

Is this still relevant?

Angelo Zucaro

03/06/2014 12:35 pm

I just learned of Disqus I find it very interesting...SEO was my biggest concern and this article helped thank you!

Adrienne Harvey

03/13/2014 02:38 pm

Really glad to hear they are being indexed... very encouraging

Hindu Dharm

03/14/2014 11:30 am

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03/22/2014 04:59 pm

I've found that commenting on sites that use Disqus does help me get more traffic. I have also seen some of the backlinks show up. I haven't noticed which platforms it works better on.

Mark Smith

04/07/2014 01:28 am

Your blog has provided much to learn and understand about SEO and the sources, links and codes will be helpful to be aware of how to gain positive results.


04/07/2014 07:29 pm

Use the API from the server side and you won't have to sync in your website's database.


04/14/2014 05:17 pm

I have never seen any link in webmasters..which shows the disqus comment


04/16/2014 07:40 am

What about link? It looks link is nofollow, still it will be considered in Google search index.


06/11/2014 09:43 am

Useful post, I am considering changing my comment system on my blog and using Disqus is an option. No follow is my only concern... Was the api fairly easy to use?


06/19/2014 05:23 am

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