Danny Sullivan: 18 Years Covering Search

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Danny Sullivan: 18 Years Covering Search

I've been writing about search for over 10 years now but Danny Sullivan yesterday celebrated his 18th year anniversary of covering search.

Danny posted the accomplishment on Google+ saying, "My 18 year anniversary writing about search is today. So I guess I'm an adult at this now."

Like I said, I've been covering this space for a long time, not as long as Danny, but still a long time. I've seen people, personalities and search engines come and go. Danny has always been a figure in our industry, and more importantly, a rock-steady figure that has been here throughout it all.

So much so, he decided to post his first document when covering the space. Danny wrote this on Google+:

A piece of history in our industry. :)

If you have a moment, please drop Danny a note to thank him. He gets a ton of criticism being in his role but rarely do people say thanks.

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04/18/2014 01:21 pm

Thank you Danny for you dedication to our industry. With the coverage and knowledge you have given us all over the years I believe you have allowed some of us to act like we know what the hell is going on in search. Big Ups!

Durant Imboden

04/18/2014 02:25 pm

Nice line: "I guess I'm an adult at this now." Danny , you're a true journalist who writes in-depth articles in an era of fluffy 500-word blog posts. Keep writing for people who like to read!


04/18/2014 03:09 pm

Great achievement, you're the man. Thanks for your great platform. I love SEL.


04/19/2014 05:34 am

Great achievement Sir..!!

Shakeel Ahmed

04/19/2014 08:59 am

Congratulation Danny

Jithin Chandrababu

04/19/2014 05:54 pm

Danny has been one of my favorite writers from Search industry. So is Barry. Really happy to see this warm relation between you. Yeh This SEO industry is great !!! Congrats Danny, stay being amazing !!!

Junaid Jaffery

04/21/2014 04:09 am

Congratulation Danny.. I'm a regular reader of SEL.


04/28/2014 12:40 pm

letz see what the next 18 years would bring, great job

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