Man To Use Google Maps To Prove Poorly Maintained Road Caused Damage To Car

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A United Kingdom resident posted a thread at the Google Maps Help forum asking if it is possible to get the date of a Google Street View image. The reason he asked is because he want's to sue his local town for not properly taking care of the roads, which ultimately lead to damage on his car.

He said:

I'm pursuing a local council over damaged caused to my car over a neglected area of road.

The only issue is the local council there has rejected his claim. He said he could fight it if he had a good picture from before the road was fixed. Currently, Google Maps has one on their Street Views but he needs the date of the image so he can prove it was before his claim.

There is one way to possibly get the approximate date of a street view. I wrote about that in my how to named Google Shows Dates Of Map Imagery In Google Earth.

Here is a Sue Town For Bad Roads via Google Maps

In New York, I don't think you can sue the town if you get a flat tire for hitting a pot hole. Can you elsewhere? Not that this guy had a flat tire, but you know.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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Resell Rights Biz

12/03/2010 07:06 pm

I can recall a case in my local area (Sydney, NS) about 3-4 years ago whereas a woman sued the Transportation Department successfully for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and damage caused to her car. If memory serves me correctly the accident was due to a lengthly rut which caused the car to veer off the road. I can recall there being dispute about weather (rain) being a factor in the case, but in the end the first officer on scene was diligent in his notes and documented that weather conditions were not a factor.


12/04/2010 06:30 am

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12/04/2010 02:09 pm

This SEO company thinks that this is a brillant way of using Google maps. The deniability clause used by UK councils defyies belief and theis could go a long way to proving a point. I recently had my alloys broken by going down a huge pothole. It was late at night on a country road and the complaint went in a couple of days later (due to circumstance). In that time the Council had repaired the road and denied that there was ever any issue. I had to pay my excess, get a new tyre and have time out of work to get the repairs sorted. I am now going to look on Google to see how old the image is of the area concerned. Thanks for the info.

Stephen Chapman

12/04/2010 05:00 pm

seo_company_uk said: "This SEO company thinks that this is a brilliant way of using Google maps." Are you supposed to be Yoda or something? I swear, some of you people will say the most ridiculous things to spam your link. I guess "nofollow" means nothing to you, huh? Oh, I get it... your CTR must be through-the-roof because of how often you spam your link like that, right? lol. Sheesh. Anyway, as for the article, I like the idea that he's using Google maps for this, but I'd need more details on exactly how bad his car was damaged. Not to mention, it's difficult to tell just how damaged the road is in that picture. As you noted, Barry, this is the kind of stuff we're required to have insurance for here in the States if we hope to get any money out of another entity for shoddy road conditions. Should be interesting to see how this pans out (if we see at all, that is). -Stephen

Barry Schwartz

12/04/2010 11:56 pm

I would remove Yoda's comment, but I like your reply. :)

Stephen Chapman

12/08/2010 02:52 am

hahaha. I'm glad you enjoyed it. =) Seriously, though... I don't catch myself *literally* shaking my head at a comment I've read on the Internet too often, but that one had the full deal going for me: Eyes closed, head tilted slightly forward, and then... a facepalm. lol.

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