Google's Matt Cutts To Give Live Q&A On YouTube

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Google's Matt Cutts VideoI subscribe to the Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel and last night noticed a weird video show up. The video is named Ask Matt and the description reads, "Ask Matt a question in the live chat or on Twitter: @mattcutts."

It appears that Google is prepping a live Q&A session with Matt Cutts in the near future. As you know, YouTube will be offering live streaming to more and more people in the future, so maybe Google's webmaster team plans on using it to offer a live Q&A with Matt Cutts?

Here is a picture of the screen:

Ask Matt on YouTube Live

I do not have confirmation from Google if they will be offering this live Q&A any time soon, but I would put money on it that we will see something in the next few months, maybe even an announcement in days.

Years ago, Google offered three live chats with Google webmaster analysts but those ended in 2008. Webmasters actually loved them, so it would be nice to see them come back, especially live via YouTube.

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Update: Matt went live today at 2pm (EST)... You can watch it over here now.

Matt Live

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Zarko Zivkovic

05/25/2011 05:56 pm

 the only thing is how will they filter the questions if all of it goes through one twitter profile? I mean there will be hundred or thousands of people that want to ask a question and probably even more spammers, so it will be like a lucky draw of who gets his question answered...

Barry Schwartz

05/25/2011 06:09 pm

Matt is live now at


05/25/2011 10:27 pm

Matt Cutts a fart and you all stop to smell it.


05/27/2011 06:38 pm

Did they archive the video somewhere that I can watch it?

Barry Schwartz

05/27/2011 06:39 pm

not yet


06/15/2011 09:37 pm

DID he fart again? im off!!!!!!!!!

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