Matt Cutts Pulls A Jurassic Park Scene

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Jurassic ParkYesterday, Christmas Day, the Google Webmaster Video selected to be shown on their YouTube channel was of Matt Cutts reenacting a scene of Jurassic Park. In this scene, Matt Cutts plays the part of the dinosaur inside that room.

Here is a picture of that part of the video:

Matt Cutts Pulls A Jurassic Park Scene

You can watch it here:

Pretty funny, if you ask me.

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12/26/2012 03:10 pm

Oh man, this video is great in a lot of ways. I think the real gem was the chair loaded with shirts.

josh bachynski

12/26/2012 04:48 pm

I was lead to believe there would be real dinosaurs on this dinosaur movie

Michael Merritt

12/26/2012 05:26 pm

Having spent enough time cooped up in a studio, I can understand how Matt might be feeling a little stir-crazy by the time he got to video 49.

Michael Martinez

12/26/2012 07:37 pm

I don't know why you're disappointed. They spared no expense.

josh bachynski

12/27/2012 12:01 am


Ali Munandar

01/10/2013 06:28 am

hahahah, this is great.

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