Cutts Not Just Google's Spam Finder But A Hall Of Famer

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Matt Cutts Hall Of FameThe Kentucky Kernel reports (as I covered at Search Engine Land) that Matt Cutts was inducted into University of Kentucky’s Arts and Sciences Hall Of Fame.

Matt flew from his grandfather's funeral (condolences) to PubCon to talk to Kentucky to accept this award all in the same week.

Matt did attend the University of Kentucky while working for the Department of Defense as part of the university’s co-operative program.

In any event, Matt is not just a spam fighter, not just one of the first 100 Googlers, not just a distinguished engineer but now also a Hall of Famer.

Congrats Matt!

I brace myself for some of the nastiest comments I've seen in a while

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10/24/2012 01:37 pm

Did you become the TMZ branch ?

Fraud Hall Of Fame

10/24/2012 01:55 pm

Congrats for what? For BS-ing and lying through his teeth as people lose their homes, salaries and everything else so Google increases their earnings? Matt's a deliberate liar and a fraud, just like Google Inc. Matt will find out that money isn't everything, karma is going to get him. He's a conman, nothing short of Bernie Madoff, both ruined people's lives and cheated. Barry: do not delete messages that don't kiss their ass.


10/24/2012 02:16 pm

Cutts deserves bad things to happen him full stop. I'm waiting for karma to kick in. Improving Google's search results is fine but lying to hundreds of thousands of webmasters and destroying their businesses overnight with no transparency is criminal. White hat SEOs working on brands that are too big to get penalised need to stop sucking him off and looking down at everyone else with smaller websites that get penalised indefinitely without explanation from a "small weather update".


10/24/2012 02:26 pm

Anti-SEO don't you belong on a different Blog? TMZ is probably what you were looking for.

Armando Bondo

10/24/2012 03:10 pm

Cutts has bent over backwards to help webmasters produce a site that ranks well in Google. However, even with all the help Cutts has provided, some webmasters have failed to get the photo and have been complete you can see from the comments above. Losers never seem to pick up the clue phone, do they...

Kevin Gerding

10/24/2012 03:17 pm

Come on people, Matt Cutts takes orders from above him and is not personally responsible for the damage done to small businesses. Instead blame Larry Page, Google Board of Directors, Their lobbying group called The Internet Association, weak government agencies and politicians that accept lobbying dollars from Google. Matt Cutts is nowhere in the larger decision making process that has killed a many small businesses just in time for the holidays.

F U Matt

10/24/2012 03:33 pm

He is a liar and a fraud, no matter who orders him. Matt's a piece of sh*t, especially since he's rich enough to retire but still defrauds webmasters.

Jim Christian

10/24/2012 03:43 pm

I've met Matt, had a great conversation with him about SEO and the internet including our own websites. Matt and his team are a necessary component of Google not a bunch of rogue vigilantes trying to tear down valid websites. Before you come down on the guy and his team why don't you try to block millions if not billions of crappy websites from getting into search queries... then maybe you'll have a leg to stand on. My condolences as well Matt as well as my congratulations.

You r an ...

10/24/2012 03:51 pm

Matt's job is to lie and defraud while increasing ad clicks and PPC. That's what happens after every "search quality update." FRAUD. Now go and wipe your brown nose


10/24/2012 05:34 pm

You would do the same at his place, you are just jealous dude.

F U Matt

10/24/2012 07:47 pm

commit fraud? No thanks, I'll earn my daily bread honestly.


10/24/2012 07:51 pm

You are already doing it just by saying this kind of stuff. You want to play the game, you should know the rules.

Jim Christian

10/24/2012 08:20 pm

So saying he's a nice guy and a good conversationalist is somehow brown nosing? Perhaps you need to reevaluate your own agenda and conspiracy theories.


10/24/2012 08:28 pm

"I brace myself for some of the nastiest comments I've seen in a while" Looks like you were right Barry!


10/24/2012 09:17 pm

Some comments look extreme but it would be hard to defend a person who took away all my earnings and sent me to the non-creative 8h offline job


10/24/2012 09:49 pm

Yeah, another creative genius was broken by bad bad Matt ... )) What a nice place is this blog - only geniuses around.


10/24/2012 09:50 pm

Who said I'm a genius? Or you just wanna bite because you have nothing better to do?


10/24/2012 09:53 pm

Nope, no bite ... just laugh )


10/24/2012 10:04 pm

Probably. TMZ, the same as this blog, is worth to study. Both provide close to nothing useful information and both attract huge traffic.

Barry Schwartz

10/24/2012 10:05 pm

Now that is insulting. You know I do provide good and useful information, at least sometimes.


10/24/2012 10:58 pm

Ok, I would be insulted too ) Sorry ........................... but ... I believe you're trying to do your best ... I know the niche, you're trying to cover, is same complicated after Panda as everything else ... I know, that there are not a lot of options anyway ... I know ... but Barry, this is soooooo ...... (I'm trying to select polite word)) ..... so-so ...) Just imagine who will visit your blog when most of the SEOs will be out of the business. And you perfectly know, they will be pretty soon. It's nice to see how you branded your name. Good job done and I wish you further success. This is the only reason why I'm allowing myself to critic you ... with the help in mind only. Peace )

Barry Schwartz

10/24/2012 11:03 pm

I know you don't find this post 'actionable' but I'd think most of my posts are.


10/24/2012 11:17 pm

Well, sometimes .... ) But visitors are coming anyway - this is interesting to study. In fact, after providing information to people, during the last seven years I still can't fully understand what do we (people) need and how this works. But this is another story. Let's stay this thread focused on Matt ) He definitely deserves it.


10/25/2012 02:02 am

The man knows his demographic :) But then again how hard is it to guess the comments on here anyway?


10/25/2012 02:18 am

The more search related blogs that I visit, the more links I see pointing from them to you. This alone proves that your site is useful. Of course you've been around for a really long time and you put a lot of time into this... So I guess this has a lot to do with it. It's funny how this guy is calling you out and supposedly dislikes these topics yet he is hooked to your site.

sm biz owner

10/25/2012 05:25 am

>>> "Just imagine who will visit your blog when most of the SEOs will be out of the business. And you perfectly know, they will be pretty soon. " Don't worry scroogler, you, too will be out of business when that happens. Right now useful idiots like Barry and Danny Sullivan, Greg Sterling, Tedster and others are being u$ed by Google to deflect blame but you can already see how no one trusts their writings anymore. People know they are frauds, doing Google's dirty work for some sort of compensation. Soon enough Google will be under the spotlight, no matter what you do, you have maybe a few more quarters before it all comes crashing down: earnings drop majorly, pundits question your bias, results all ads....and then FTC and EU starts coming on you like a ton of bricks. You are frauds, common thieves and master liars. You have lost the most valuable thing Google ever had: the trust. P.S. Rigging search is illegal.

Mike Blackmore

10/25/2012 07:04 am

Hall of Fame from University of Kentucky? Bwhahahaha. Hillbilly Land. Now Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, IIT, Caltech, MIT is a different ball game. Matt's value is in his lying face, his "engineering skills" are in the dumpster. Ask for his github page so we can check his code, given that he now is an "distinguished engineer."


10/25/2012 12:04 pm

Whoah ..lots of cry babies in this one.


10/25/2012 02:30 pm

Are you serious? How can a person blame somebody else for a change in Google. I think the blame is on the business owner for putting all of their eggs in one basket. Point blank. Live by the sword, die by the sword. I know this "bash Cutt's bandwagon" is rolling around, and I understand - but c'mon - try to blame your own SEO methods before a person who put a stop to crappy SEO.


10/25/2012 02:32 pm

Jim, I agree with you. I believe the saying is "Don't hate the player, hate the game."


10/25/2012 09:31 pm

I blame myself for putting all eggs into one basket. I blame Cutts for crushing that basket


10/25/2012 09:37 pm

Next time the stock market crashes and I invest my life savings in it remind me who to complain to.


10/25/2012 09:40 pm

Yes. Because Matt Cutts personally targeted you at random. Do better SEO and stop taking shortcuts.


10/25/2012 09:45 pm

He personally targeted all mom&pop sites out there. Just check other comments and see what people are saying. If this brand passion is not an attack against small sites, then I don't know what is. I see no way competing with Amazon who took over half of top10 in my niche.. Open another Amazon? yeah right


10/25/2012 09:50 pm

No. Sites with POOR, LAZY and EXTREME SEO were hit. I have monitored over 100 websites. The only sites that were hit were sites that spammed comments, forums and directories. I'm sorry you took a hit, but your frustration is misdirected, I'm afraid. Assuming we're talking about Penguin....


10/25/2012 09:52 pm

*Looks for "hater's gonna' hate" meme pictures* ;-)

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