In The Plex: Cutts Is GoogleGuy

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Google Guy In the PlexSince the infamous "GoogleGuy" joined the WebmasterWorld forums in early 2000, the man behind the name has always been a mystery of some sorts.

There was some speculation as to it being Google's Matt Cutts as early as 2005. And then in 2010 again, those speculations were mostly confirmed.

For the first time in history, we have official confirmation in way of a written book. A book that has 100% validity behind it, In The Plex by Steven Levy. In fact, it is one of the few Google books I have ever purchased - I normally get books on Google for free.

Conduct a Google Book search for In The Plex Google Guy and bam, here you go:

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The book reads:

Using the pseudonym "Google Guy," Cutts would answer questions and try as best he could to dispel various conspiracy theories, many of them centered around the suspicion that a sure way to rise in search rankings was to buy ads from...

So there we have it, first time Google Guy outed in a print book.

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04/18/2011 05:20 pm

Don't let the book fool you - Keep the conspiracy alive! :-) Matt Cutts is a pseudonym for Massive Actualized Tertiary Teraquad Calculating Uni Terran Testing System Google built him when, the Steve Jobs unit broke down and went rogue and refused to follow orders. I can't wait for the Google Doodle of Matt Cutts when (Cuttsnet) Skynet? controls the web. Searchengineman

Michael Martinez

04/18/2011 05:26 pm

I'll stop holding my breath now. Thank you.


04/18/2011 09:30 pm

So wait... Does buying ads from google help organic SEO or not?


04/20/2011 03:33 am

Adsense hurts your pages!!! I have come back from Panda hell after removing my Adsense ads. Do exactly the opposite of what the Adsense team tells you to do. Out of three penalized sites, within a week, two had 120% of pre-panda traffic and one 80% and I now I see why my pages seemed spammy. Most bad sites have the Adsense signal, Made for Adsense. If there's a way for me to have someone verify this without telling my site names in public, I will do it.


05/12/2011 03:28 pm

Cutts was not the only Google Guy and he certainly wasn't there at the beginning

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