Copy & Paste Now In Google AdWords Interface

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Google AdWords Copy/PasteGoogle quietly announced on Google+ a new feature to copy and paste within the Google AdWords interface.

Google said, "we're making it faster and easier to restructure your campaigns and build out new ones with the ability to copy and paste in the AdWords interface." Note, you can copy keywords, ads, ad groups, or entire campaigns.

How does it work?

(1) Just select the items you want to copy,
(2) Then click the Edit drop down button and select Copy (or just hit Ctrl-C/Cmnd-C).
(3) Next, navigate to where you want to paste the items.
(4) Then click the Edit drop down button and select Paste (or just hit Ctrl-V/Cmnd-V).

Here is a picture:

Copy & Paste Now In Google AdWords Interface

Here is a help document on how this is done.

Google gave two examples on when this comes in handy:

(1) Create campaigns quicker: Copy and paste can make you more efficient when creating new campaigns. For example, if you decide to advertise a new product line in AdWords, you can copy an entire campaign to use as a template to build from.

(2) Easily break up your ad groups: You also might want to tailor your ads by breaking up a large ad group into multiple smaller ad groups. This can be done more efficiently using copy and paste; simply copy the entire ad group over, and refine the keywords and ads in the new ad group.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Angelo de Gracia

10/03/2013 04:07 am

This is just awesome. Soooo overdue, but awesome :)


10/03/2013 04:57 am

That is good! Less work for adword users


10/03/2013 11:15 am

Hi, if you could just guide me on this. I am unable to see the Copy Paste option in my Adwords account. I can only see the 'Copy to' option. Over that I can only copy keywords, not the ad groups or the campaigns as you have mentioned above. What's happening?


10/04/2013 01:30 pm

Check again today. Yesterday I saw the same as you but today it is available.


10/07/2013 07:01 am

Yes Jim, I have got it now in my account. Thanks :)

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