December 2013 U.S. Search Engine Rankings By comScore

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comScore logoI don't often cover these reports but I figured it would be nice to compare year end search ranking market share from December 2013, which was recently released and to last year December 2012 market share.

Google is of course the winner but they aren't really gaining much share year-over-year. Microsoft has, as is Yahoo - which are both powered by Bing. So In December 2013, Google has 67.3% share, while Bing powered 29% of search. AOL is powered mostly by Google, so if you add that in, that brings Google to 68.6%.

Here are the charts from the two years.

December 2013:

comScore Search Market Share December 2013

December 2012:

comScore Search Market Share December 2012

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01/23/2014 01:57 pm

Thanks Barry because this is interesting!! Having access to around 80 clients websites I can say I am seeing more and more hits from Bing/Yahoo and other smaller search engines. A couple of years ago id see a hit here and hit there but every site everyday has 20-30 Yahoo/Bing/other hits daily now. G is slowly destroying itself with the brand bias


01/23/2014 06:09 pm

But Google's search share is going up while other services are going down. I agree, there are overall more searches take place in general, so overall traffic is up. But Google is on a mission to basically stop free traffic (SEO) in exchange for ads or other Google products like PLA, flights, credit cards, knowledge graph, business, local express, and their biggest POS which I have never used once in my life but Google still probably counts me as an active user: Google+

Patti Paz

01/24/2014 12:37 pm

It would be interesting to know the percentages, including those on social networking sites? Most articles about this report that the social networking sites are gaining in search uses.

Elvis Hsu

01/24/2014 01:03 pm

Since the G+ was launched, I believe it gained more activities in its social network.

ashutosh rajput

01/27/2014 04:58 am

Bing really providers good search result from last few months i have seen many changes in current time i have bing is better than google.

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