Bing Does Pinterest Integration Right: Pins Image Source

Apr 15, 2013 • 8:18 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

Honestly, I was worried when I saw the announced that Microsoft added the Pinterest Pin It button to Bing Image search results. I was afraid Bing would use the opportunity to link the pin back to itself instead of the original source - I am glad I am wrong.

If you do an image search at Bing and click on a result, the "Pin It" button will actually source the original image and link to that.

Here is a picture:

Bing Pin It

And when you click it, the Pinterest window pops up and as you can see in the URL bar, it is sourcing the image source and not Bing:

Pinterest Via Bing - Click To Enlarge

Anne at Threadwatch asks, "I wonder if Bing search will follow no-pin tag and keep those images off sharing." Probably not but I assume Pinterest will.

Forum discussion at Threadwatch.

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Mitch Labuda

04/15/2013 12:41 pm

In some cases, it is not the original source, but, the link from where the image was found by Bing. The original source could be many levels away from the real source. For many attribution to the creator of the content is important but nearly impossible to assure with sharing links to links

Richard Gailey

04/15/2013 09:42 pm

@twitter-235331223:disqus Agreed. I checked a few images that I created on my site and Bing links to the site that posted the image, not my site.


07/19/2013 05:29 pm

I found 5 of my images on bing and the source link redirects to a porn site, so no, bing is not putting the real source. I

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