Spammers Flock To Bing Webmaster Forums

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Bing Webmaster ForumsSometimes some of my readers here complain that I do not cover Bing enough. The truth is, it really isn't my fault, it is Bing's fault. :)

Why? Well, this site is very niche in that it only covers topics found in forums and social media areas. We figure, if the SEO/SEM community isn't discussing it, it likely is not worth being covered here. Things at the top of the mind of SEMs are often discussed in forums and social settings - the rest is all just "news."

So why is it Bing's fault they aren't covered too much here? Well - they do a horrible job, recently, keeping their Bing Forums clean and on topic. Just check out the Webmaster section, it is filled with spam or check out the indexing section. It has been like this for at least a month or more. It is almost impossible for me to find good threads in forums filled with spam.

Bing Forum Spam

So I check in on the forum every morning and see this stuff and I leave - hoping that the next day it will be cleaned up and never is.

In fact, I felt that Duane's post on mobile SEO URL structure was important, so I made my own thread about it at the forums. No responses because the place is a spam fest.

So much so, people at WebmasterWorld are complaining about the spam in the Bing forums.

Bing, I want to cover you more - please help me.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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03/14/2012 02:10 pm

Last time I tried to create an account on the Bing forum I couldn't even log in. Gave up on I think the third attempt...

Justin C

03/15/2012 02:37 am

Is there a Bing equivalent to Matt Cutts that issues can be escalated to?

Wholesale Flowers

03/17/2012 11:27 am

You would think MS has moderators keeping their forums clean...goes to show how little value they place on educating webmasters and the public on SEO.


04/11/2012 12:01 am

Ned?  Ryerson???  BING!!! Seriously... fuck off with "Bing".  It's never going to beat Google. The wheel doesn't need to be re-invented yet again, nerds.  MS will come out on top they day they stop trying to copy shit that's been done... better than they can ever do.

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