Bing's New Sub Deep Links

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Bing Logo@tecnonetblog posted a video of new Bing deep links (aka sitelinks). The new format has 6 main top level deep links and then has up to an additional six or so sub-deep links under some of the main deep links.

Here is a picture from the video so you can see it clearly:

Bing Sub Deep Links

We also covered recently that Bing was testing deep links within the search box. So clearly Bing is doing a lot of user interface tests with their deep links.

Google has been doing some sub sitelinks as well in the past.

Here is the video of the new Bing sub deep links:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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09/13/2013 01:45 pm

Why doesnt Bing just completely copy Google? Why wait 6 months to do the same thing that Google has done first?


09/15/2013 04:24 am

Each search engine has to do things in its own unique way even if they end up doing the same thing at the end of the day

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