What's Your Best SEO Tip?

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A WebmasterWorld thread has some respected SEOs in our industry dishing out their best SEO tips.

Keep in mind, this is a public forum and any crazy, underground tip will likely not be shared here. Nor would those underground tips last too long if they were shared. That being said, here is a compilation of some of those tips in the thread, but I'd recommend you get into the sharing and share your own in the thread.

Best SEO Tips via WebmasterWorld:

  • Focus on semantics
  • Focus long term and not on short term goals
  • Anticipate algorithmic changes months or years out
  • Simple, validate your HTML
  • Social networking and sharing for links
  • Give up on SEO and go with word of mouth traffic
The thread is pretty new, so get into the debate.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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02/09/2011 02:05 pm

I have a question for you all ... Does make sense to use always the same keyword as directory on all the pages of a site? i.e. instead of www.site.com/section1/page.htm www.site.com/section2/page.htm www.site.com/section3/page.htm this: www.site.com/keyword/section1/page.htm www.site.com/keyword/section2/page.htm www.site.com/keyword/section3/page.htm Where section 1,2,3 are three different site areas

Ryan Johnston

02/09/2011 02:08 pm

Write good content.

Ryan Bradley

02/09/2011 02:25 pm

Content is King, don't copy other peoples content. Write your own.


02/09/2011 02:52 pm

focus on users. not search engines.

James Lewin

02/09/2011 03:22 pm

Make content worth linking to.


02/09/2011 04:11 pm

Don't hate the player, hate the game

Dan Alderson

02/09/2011 05:03 pm

Have good content. Don't spam. Wear a white hat.


02/09/2011 05:14 pm

If you are using different keywords for each section - and they are not extra long overly optimized keywords - then I would usually recommend that. If you are already indexed however and getting traffic/links it may be best not to switch it though.


02/09/2011 05:16 pm

Always dig deeper - don't make changes just for the sake of making changes or because current SEO trends tell you something is "hot" right now.


02/09/2011 09:04 pm

only build spammy blog comments to your web properties that link to your own site.


02/09/2011 09:21 pm

Don't over-optimize. Keep the site looking natural.

Jerry Nordstrom

02/09/2011 11:59 pm

Spend most of your time and resources creating meaningful content geared to your target audience. Validate your markup and promote on social networks.. the Search Engines will do the rest.

Jerry Nordstrom

02/10/2011 12:05 am

Although, I kind of like Dan's idea below. Add to that paying for hundreds of poorly constructed press releases rich in links to your site, preferably written by folks unfamiliar with the English language. Then post "Impartial Guest articles" to syndication sites with amazing claims and plenty of links to your site... be sure to turn off comments "Due to the overwhelming response". Oh and be sure to create thousands of Craig’s list listings.


02/10/2011 03:15 am

Id offer this tip: ensure the structure of your document supports the content, not buries the content!

Harendrasingh Rajput

02/10/2011 08:53 am

Jerry you are right i think its time to use social media.... can u suggest me some tips for stumble social site.


02/15/2011 09:45 am

Real SEO technicians never share their hard work, insight and analysis. Just like every other competitive game in the world, strategy and knowledge kept private ensures success.

Rob - Consumer Durable

02/17/2011 11:08 am

I wonder why nobody has mentioned about the importance of anchor text in links.


10/12/2011 04:03 pm

 Still the best link building way is to use natural seo. I have done link building so many times using natural seo.


09/11/2012 04:19 pm

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Google Analytics

01/01/2013 03:15 am

Anticipating the best algorithmic seo that you will have to use for your campaign will be an ideal way to make it very successful. Keeping it very safe during the campaign, and avoiding any violation is one good way to achieve your target goal.

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