Babysitters: Don't Search For Young Babysitter On Google

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Baby Approved on Google?A complaint arose from the Google Web Search Help forum that the results for babysitters learning about babysitting in Google is outright dangerous.

The complaint comes from a person from the Babysitting Magazine, a resource for babysitters.

She said that when you search for [young babysitter] or other keywords like it, the majority of the results, like 90% are links to pornographic and adult oriented sites.

I took a look, although I did not click through, I labeled the obvious pornographic sites with XXX. I am not sure if the ones I did not label led to adult related content or not, they may have:

young babysitter on Google

I assume most people searching for [young babysitter] is looking for porn. But that new babysitter looking for tips on how to be a young babysitter may find herself getting tips about other professions.

Google to blame?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Image credit to ShutterStock for baby approved graphic.

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12/14/2011 02:10 pm

I think Google should be bumping all this b.s. out of search can really hurt the eyes of young teens looking for babysitting jobs if  they stumble upon this...


12/14/2011 04:14 pm

I imagine there's more demand for the pornographic results than for the tamer interpretation of the query, meaning it's more relevant for more users. Why should Google censor their search results for a small minority of users?


12/14/2011 04:45 pm

Surely safe search should stop these results filtering through? If not then why couldn't it be looked at to signal the users intent?


12/14/2011 05:04 pm

my safesearch was set to moderate (which I believe is default) and XXX still comes through - user intent determined by trends trumps all other signals in google, it's all a Bayesian filter


12/14/2011 05:23 pm

my safesearch was set to Maximum (which I believe is known also like "family filter") and XXX still comes through.   It is not advisable to use the search engine when children are next to us!

Mike Gracen

12/14/2011 05:27 pm

Barry, you might want to add a NSFW to the title of this post..?

Dragonfly SEO

12/14/2011 05:27 pm

Technically, Google is doing its job by delivering the results people are most likely searching for.  A search for the more common phrase 'babysitter,' thankfully, does not yield any pornographic results.  Incidentally, the freshness algo seems to be working, as this post is now in the 10th spot for "young babysitter". 

Barry Schwartz

12/14/2011 05:32 pm

I don't have any pics on my post.

Joe Youngblood

12/14/2011 07:00 pm

side thought. how well would an adult only search engine fair? would people use a different brand to search for adult material?


12/14/2011 07:49 pm

Thanks for bringing this to greater awareness. Glad to see this article on the first page of google  replacing one of the other sites!


12/15/2011 01:47 pm

this is messed up, i was searching for some babysitter porn and your site came up!

Cameron Rogers

12/15/2011 04:15 pm

I think this has a lot more to do with how much the porn sites have optimized for the keyword compared to how much other tame sites put effort into optimizing.  Not so much demand based but supply based.


12/17/2011 12:01 am

If you search for "young babysiters Phoenix" you get normal non XXX results.


12/17/2011 07:08 am

I think it is not so much geographic location that determines the results, but the hits are being filtered based on the computer or username profile data.  There is a book by Eli Pariser called "The Filter Bubble" which explains how Google presents different sets of results based on data from the requester whom they've tracked and stored their profile info.


01/17/2012 06:43 pm

Hello dear's I am also a babysitter and i also faced this problem, Google need to change in policy about searching.

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