Baby's First Word: Google

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Baby Smart PhoneTypically a baby's first word is eat, mommy, daddy, no, yes, and stuff like that. But would you imagine that a baby's first word would be Google?

Jay posted in the Google Web Search Help forum that his little cousin's first word was in fact "Google." Yes, the baby's first word was not "mommy" or "cookie." The first word for this baby was Google.


You know how Google has built into Android and the iOS Google search app the ability to say a hot word, Okay Google, to activate search via voice command? Well, this baby's uncle uses it a lot and by a lot, I mean probably excessively.

Since his little cousin hears it all the time, it was just natural for the baby to snatch his uncle's phone and say, "Google."

Jay wrote:

I guess she has been watching me shout "Google" at my Nexus numerous times a day to start voice commands, prompt directions, and ask random questions to fuel my curiosity.

So the other day, she grabbed my phone, held it to her mouth, and yelled "Google!"

Nealeigh from Google responded:

Love this, Jay. She's clearly an early adopter! Thanks for sharing.

Happy holidays!

How crazy - a baby's first word is Google. The world we live in!

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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12/12/2013 01:28 pm

"she's gonna be a scientist!"


12/13/2013 04:55 am

Hahaha, she's gonna be a scientist indeed, :) I never get tired of watching any aspect of FRIENDS!


12/13/2013 01:12 pm

How dystopian. So Google is more important than mommy and daddy these days.

Gracious Store

12/14/2013 03:25 am

Interesting story! what shall we call this child's generation? Google app generation?

Emory Rowland

01/06/2014 01:35 pm

"early adopter" lol

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