Auguste Rodin: Google Has A Logo For Him, But Who Is He?

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Google Auguste Rodin Logo

Today on Google's home pages worldwide is a special logo for the life of Auguste Rodin.

As many of you know, I am not from the artistic side. In fact, I never even took an art history course in college. Instead, I got into this art class where you used glue and scissors - I'd prefer the history to the glue and scissors. So I have never heard the name Auguste Rodin before.

Clicking through on the logo takes you to a wealth of information about this man. Clearly from the logo, you can tell he was a sculpter. He was a French sculpter born in Paris on November 12, 1840 - 172 years ago today. He lived 77 years and died on November 17, 1917.

Some of his more famous works include:

  • The Age of Bronze (L'age d'airain), 1877
  • The Walking Man (L'homme qui marche), 1877–78
  • The Burghers of Calais (Les Bourgeois de Calais), 1889
  • The Kiss, 1889
  • The Thinker (Le Penseur), 1902
You can learn more about why he was so original at Wikipedia.

The logo is after his The Thinker sculpture . It stands (or sits) Musée Rodin, Paris and was erected in 1902. Of course, this sculpture, even to me, is known.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Pierluigi Vecchi

11/12/2012 02:59 pm

I really appreciated this story and I like the way you also expose your audience to different things. I am one of those rare SEOs I suppose, who also happens to have a degree in Art History. I believe the narrative behind "The Thinker" is actually not that far removed from the contemporary contextual background of semantic search.


11/12/2012 06:19 pm

While I have enjoyed almost all of Google's exceptional art work on my blank Google page, I feel honoring "Rodin" on day before and "on" Veterans' Day sickenly EFFEMINATE, CONTEMPTUOUS and plain ol' COWARDLY. Yes, we have turned a new and progressive American direction with our votes on 11/6. However, America and President Obama would NOT be possible without the "COURAGE" and brawn of the few.


11/13/2012 01:24 am

Google should be ashamed of themselves for not honoring American Veterans on Veterans Day. I guess we should just get used to it, shame on you Google!

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