Don't Search For Oreos On Google Images, You Might Get Naked Girls

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Just about a week ago, a upset searcher posted in the Google Web Search Help forums that stumbled upon a naked girl when searching on Google Images. No big deal right? Well, two things:

(1) The "Strict" SafeSearch filter was on and (2) He was searching for Oreos

If you search for Oreos on Google Image search, the naked lady comes up on page two. If you change your SafeSearch filter to Strict, the highest it can go - the naked girl comes up on the first page of images!

To make things worse, Google dropped the report offensive images feature from the menu. To add on that, it was reported about a week ago, Jeff from Google replied that day saying, "I have submitted a SafeSearch removal request for this, so it should be gone shortly."

Now, a week later, the guy came back to say the image was still there and it is. I checked myself:

Oreo Cookie Porn on Google

Jeff from Google was quick to apologize for it still being there and said:

I see that the image is still showing up. Sorry about that. I'll investigate further and try to get the image removed as soon as I can.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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11/24/2010 02:26 pm

I've checked a couple of times and it's still there, I think I'll keep checking, probably for longer next time. In fact I'm going to check again now...

Yehuda Jacobs

11/24/2010 04:37 pm

bing is no better, my guess would be if they are using image recognition software notice the background is similar color and tone to her skin would be near impossible to classify it as porn with intelligent software, and the domain is probably clean either way nobody is perfect


11/24/2010 05:58 pm

"Report Offensive Images" is back for me. It was gone. but is definitly back.

Barry Schwartz

11/24/2010 06:54 pm

Barry, I still don't see it.


11/24/2010 07:37 pm

The image does not show up if safesearch is on. If you have safesearch off you can pretty much guarantee nudity for almost any sweet snack search. Porn is king of the internet after all.


12/08/2010 11:40 am

Its still there, lmao!


05/17/2012 03:50 pm

What's the catch phrase to find it? I just found it on VeryDemotivational!

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