Google Won't Admit Wrong: Shows More Results From Single Domain But Compact Style

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In August Google thought it would be a good idea to show searchers, for some queries, a page filled of results from a single domain. I personally thought it was a horrible idea but Google doesn't really listen to my advice. So it continued that way, until now.

Google announced last night that they have "expanding the feature" to show up for more queries. But at the same time, they are now showing the additional results in a more compact format. Those additional results, most of the time, will have single line search snippets (descriptions).

Here is an example search for [rustybrick] where you can see the short, one line snippets:

Google Single Domain Results

Notice, the first result shows a two line snippet, but the three results under it show single line snippets, followed by a result from a different domain with a two line snippet.

The expansion of this is great news for reputation management issues but I am not sure it is great news for searchers.

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Alan K'necht

11/18/2010 01:58 pm

I'm only seeing it with branded search terms. If this holds true not such a bad thing.

Tim Cohn

11/18/2010 04:43 pm

Its showing three results in a search for Timothy Cohn.


11/18/2010 05:04 pm

I find this annoying when searching for things, but I'm sure it increases the click-thrus on ads LOL

Rob Woods

11/18/2010 05:20 pm

I'm still seeing 7/10 of the results for searches for my brand as pages from our domain and still seeing them as the full 3 line descriptions.

Sushant Sah

06/01/2011 01:51 pm

thats good eating up all 1st page... sushant

Sushant Sah

06/01/2011 01:51 pm

thats good eating up all 1st page... sushant

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