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Have you ever seen the referral URL in Google's search results contain "untrusted_dlcp" in it? A WebmasterWorld thread has one member asking about it.

He said he spotted it when searching for the Google SEO Guide, which is a PDF. The URL looks like this:

I bolded the untrusted_dlcp part.

DLCP can have several definitions according to the Free Dictionary. They include:

  • Diversity Leadership Certificate Program
  • Data Link Change Proposal
  • Disneyland College Program
  • Demountable Load Carrying Platform
  • Distributed Least Congested Path

I guess we can rule out most of these and maybe pick either Data Link Change Proposal or Distributed Least Congested Path.

The key word here is then the "untrusted" part?

Moderator goodroi felt one should not "be too concerned about that directory structure name." Tedster thinks it has more of a "meaning "unverified" content, rather than "suspect"."

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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11/12/2010 05:30 pm

"Distributed Least Congested Path" ... If this were the meaning then it would be easy to understand it as an untrusted path... or an unsecure file. ... but I'm no expert on google urls.


11/12/2010 08:44 pm

dlcp = download copy or download command path, either way it's just referring to an external url and all of this is nonsense. I'm sure you have better things to do other than reading this.

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