Google Maps Error Causes Military Conflict Between Nicaragua & Costa Rica

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Nicaragua Raids Costa Rica, Blames Google Maps by Matt McGee at Search Engine Land reported a some what comical but yet serious matter blamed on Google.

In short, the commander of the Nicaraguan military used Google Maps as proof that he can move his troops to the San Juan Lake, which technically is not in his country. Reports say that the troops took down the Costa Rican flag and raising the Nicaraguan flag.

I believe the military is still there and the Costa Rica government is not at ease.

Yes, to me this is a bit funny but in all reality, who knows what this can lead to.

A Google Maps Help thread has one very upset person saying:

It is incredible that thanks to Google there is a big conflict between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Your negligence has gone beyond any expectation, at least have the decency to correct it.

Pretty crazy!

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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yehuda jacobs

11/05/2010 03:56 pm

how pathetic to rely on google for your internal military intelligence?!!!!!!

No Name

11/07/2010 01:42 am

wondering whether some of the SEO algorithms were outsource to Nicaragua or Costa Rica programmers?

Jenny Graham

01/29/2011 05:22 am

Its really very funny matter.But they can not blame Google for that. It all happened due to mistake. Thanks


09/11/2011 08:55 pm

43.25308,-75.192862 search this in google paps and see summer and winter at the same time

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