Search Advertiser Pulls adCenter Campaign Until CPC Prices Stabilize

Oct 19, 2010 • 8:11 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Microsoft Bing Ads (formerly adCenter)

Many advertisers expected the CPC (cost per click) prices to go up after the Yahoo / Microsoft adCenter transition was complete.

One advertiser said in a WebmasterWorld thread he CPC prices "soared" by 40%. He said:

We are seeing a 40% increase in click costs on average since late September on existing AdCenter campaigns. Our transitioned campaigns are seeing a similar percentage increase when compared to what we were paying with Yahoo.

The costs are so out of control, he has pulled and pause his campaigns with adCenter. He said:

We have paused all of our campaigns within AdCenter as they no longer yield a positive ROI... and we're not talking about a tinker-toy budget either - deep 7 figure annual ad-spend.

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Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: There is a good white paper on this at SearchFuel.

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Michael Martinez

10/19/2010 07:11 pm

Yet another nail in the coffin of the myth that the Yahoo!-Microsoft merger would bring more choice to consumers.


10/20/2010 08:50 pm

We don't have to worry about pulling ads -- our impression levels have nearly disappeared, even after a substantial increase in bid.

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