Funny Google Maps Street View: Pepsi Truck & Then Coke Truck

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For those that missed it, Gizmodo reported that Google Street Views had an image of a Pepsi truck unloading at (I believe) a supermarket but when you drove forward on that street view, the Pepsi truck changed to a Coke truck.

Clearly the images were taken at different times but it is funny never the less.

You can see it live at 3800 ontario est,montreal and here are two pictures:

Coke vs Pepsi on Google Maps

Coke vs Pepsi on Google Maps

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10/05/2010 01:17 pm

Maybe it's Google's start at product placements. How much to get the other truck removed? Start your bidding! Is that a man hanging under the stairs in the coke picture?


10/06/2010 07:47 am

Look at the shadow of the building on the right, it has moved a lot between the pictures. I think the vehicle stalled there for almost 2 hours :-p


05/17/2011 10:35 pm


Ethan Rehman

05/17/2011 11:00 pm

At least they both got a free, awesome advertisement! That probably happened because google maps actually take every photo at a different time. That's the reason why it's always daytime across the world in GoogleMaps! ;)

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