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September 30th, tomorrow, is The Flintstones 50th birthday or anniversary. Google has a special worldwide logo for The Flintstones for the special birthday. The logo is already live on Google New Zealand, since it is already September 30th there.

Here is the logo:

The Flintstones Doodle

I personally grew up watching this show, so it is great to see. The logo (aka doodle) is fantastic!

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09/29/2010 01:20 pm

That's pretty bloody awesome! How do you always pick these up first? Do you have people Ctrl+F5-ing on every localised version of Google at about midnight local time? LOL


09/29/2010 01:47 pm

Yaba Dabba Doo!! Gotta love the Flintstones. I've always had a thing for red heads after this show... What Wilma saw in Fred is beyond me, but guess that's a good sign of hope for the rest of us.


09/29/2010 02:05 pm

That show rocked! And I can't find it for my kids! What is up with that? make a call to someone important, Barry. We need it back on!


09/29/2010 03:23 pm

Wow! just a delight!

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