Google Reader Stops Page Tracking Feature

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Earlier this year, Google Reader began allowing users to track any web page via Google Reader. Personally, I set up many pages to track for changes and now.

Last week, Google Reader announced they are removing the feature as of September 30th. All those pages I set up for tracking, gone! I have to switch them over to a new tracking program.

Google said:

As of September 30th, we’ll be turning off track changes in Reader. While this isn’t a widely used feature, we wanted to let you know in advance so you can set up a suitable alternative (such as Your previous updates will not go away, but you will stop receiving new updates from any custom feeds you have set up.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes -- and as always, please feel free to visit our help forum if you have any questions.

Luck me, I already use for most my tracking needs. But I still now need to go back and set up the ones I set up in Google Reader to work with

I think it would be useful if Google provided an export of just the page tracking pages you set up as an export. But no, you have to export everything and weed out what is RSS and what is not.

A serious pain in the neck for many people.

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Note: This piece was written earlier in the week and scheduled to go live today.

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Madj Mark

10/01/2010 02:21 pm

Don't understand why Google does this! Many Internet Marketers are MAD about Google Actions (Always changing its Algorithms...#. I had 3 bad experience with them: -Desactivating my Adsense Account -Blocking my Ads on Adwords #active compaigns but no impressions!!!# -Have used one of their $125 credit coupons for Adwords but they were asking me to put $20 in the beginning. And when I did, it said that the operation had not succeed so I reapeat the process 7 times and hours after, I discovered they charged me 7 times x $20 #=$140). So, my balance showed me $125+$140+$265 but the Bad Surpise is that they still asking me to pay $20!!!! I did 2 compaigns and they had 1 or 2 impressions in 5 months! I wrote them some messages and through their Twitter account, NOTHING, they always sent me to their forum!!! And until now the problem is still there! They have no phone number to call them!!! By the way, they told me if I would like to be refunded, I should wait 6 weeks!!!! Mr.Google, you should change your stupid actions! You've been emptying affiliates banking accounts for years and now you reward them by banning them!!! I don't want to work with them again! Regards to you.

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