40% Of SEOs Do Not Nofollow External Links

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A few months ago we shared the poll results showing 50% nofollow their internal links for PageRank flow. So a month ago, I posted a poll asking how many people nofollow external links.

Nofollowing external links is thought to be a way of "hoarding" your PageRank or just being very careful with who you link to. So we asked in our poll the percentage of links nofollowed on your sites, on average.

We had 208 responses and 40% said they don't nofollow any of their external links. Here is the break down:

  • 40% said Non Of My External Links NoFollowed
  • 20% said only 25% Of External Links NoFollowed
  • 15% said 50% Of Of External Links NoFollowed
  • 13% said 75%+ Of External Links NoFollowed
  • 8% said 100% Of External Links NoFollowed

There were some "other answers."

Are you surprised by any of these results?

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Note: This post was written September 21st and scheduled to go live today.

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09/24/2010 10:55 am

So is this a best practice or just a failure to do so?

SEO Professionals

08/17/2011 03:56 pm

Here's an interesting fact about how Google might utilize links that are no follow to determine where your website belongs in the search engines. This con sept comes from the theory that Google takes into account social metrics and click through data in their search engine algorithms. What this means is although it cannot be proven, that Google takes into account links that get clicked in the popularity of a website simply by judging the existence and popularity of the backlink on any given webpage.

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