Google Logo Colors Letters As You Type

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Yesterday we had the fun and whacky Google Balls logo and today we have a logo that fills in the Google White Logo into a full colored logo, as you type. Note, typically the white logo represents a mourning state but this one is being used to hint at what changes are coming to Google later today.

First, here is a video of the logo:

Here are static pictures:

Google Logo 0

Google Logo 2

Google Logo 3

Google Logo 4

Google Logo 5

Google Logo 6

Google Logo Full Color

Google dropped a hint around midnight last night on this new logo:

Our doodle is dressing up in its brightest colors for something exciting coming very soon...less than a minute ago via Tap11

Why as you type? As my prediction states, it seems Google may release a new version that updates the search results as you type. But it may be a lot more than that. I'll update this post a bit later to share those details.

Update: Here is the new Google Bypassing "Search" Button: More "Streaming" Search Results.

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