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Today if you visit Google you will see a Google logo made up of crazy balls. The logo moves around based on your mouse cursor, similar to the buckyballs doodle from a few days ago. But this one is really all over the place.

Here is a video I made of the logo:

Here is a static picture of the balls forming the Google logo:

Google Balls Logo

I personally find this logo very nice. I asked Google why? I asked was it birthday related, as some suspect. They said no. Google told me, "Today’s doodle is not related to a birthday but is fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be." Maybe this is a prelude to the big Google Search Event that takes place tomorrow? I don't know. I suspect they will clue us in at that event.

Many searchers are upset. There is thread after thread with complaints in the Google Web Search Help forum. And most people in the US aren't up and on their computers yet.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help, Google Blogoscoped Forums & Google Webmaster Help.

Update: Here are my thoughts on why Google is so secretive of this logo and what we can expect Google to announce in conjunction with the explanation of this logo tomorrow.

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Michael Beck

09/07/2010 02:03 pm

Usually you can click on the logo to find out what it's about but not today. Maybe for once the answer is "just because" or "because we can". There's a fun thought! And why not, right?

Jenny Stradling

09/07/2010 04:13 pm

I think it's cool that they change thing up... why are people so upset? I don't get it! If you don't like the animation, ignore it.... search from the Toolbar and not the .com.


09/08/2010 01:18 am

i just opened up the internet explorer and saw the same google is not the same in internet explorer... the balls dont get bigger... all they do is just bounce around...maybe they are highlighting the fact that chrome is much more better and can process graphics better than internet explorer...just sayin


09/08/2010 06:16 am

According to sources: Actually google provide the strong reason to google logo change but this time they have not provided. But in this case technology experts are saying that before 12 years 4th September Google get "Inc." label and on 7th September Google gets its first check named "Google Inc." This can be the reason for this outstanding doodle. Google rocks.

hank hill

10/08/2010 05:45 pm


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