Bing Web Search Update?

Sep 2, 2010 • 9:03 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

This is very very early and I don't have evidence of this myself, since I don't monitor rankings, but a single post at WebmasterWorld suggested there is a Bing update taking place.

textex, someone I trust at the forum, who has been a member of WebmasterWorld for almost ten years now, said:

Looks like an update....

So if there is a Bing update, there is a Yahoo update in the US and Canada.

Did you notice major changes in your Bing rankings?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/02/2010 09:13 pm

didn't notice any updates but, I've noticed the ridiculously low amount of indexed pages I have for bing.

Kim Krause Berg

09/03/2010 03:00 pm

Barry, there was a message from Bing recently - "Due to an upcoming experiment, a few sites may encounter an intermittent increase (anywhere from 5% to 25%) in crawl requests from MSNBot over the next month (specifically from August 25th through end of September)." I found them to be fast in indexing new sites and doing re-crawls but am unsure of consumer use, as click rates remain far lower than the Big G.

Barry Schwartz

09/03/2010 03:03 pm

Kim, that is specific to "crawl requests," not ranking changes.

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