Taking Over a Business With Bad Google Maps Reviews?

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google maps new managementA Google Places Help thread has a story of a person who bought a business from someone else.

The issue is, that business has pretty bad reviews in Google Maps and since there will be new management, he wants to know how to remove the bad reviews.

A fair question, that is why you often see the "under new management" signs outside of businesses. People want to know when new businesses have new owners and thus maybe better customer service (or maybe not).

The business owner said:

I am buying a local small buisness in a few weeks. The current owner has some pretty nasty reviews about him that currently come up when people search the biz name. I want to know if there is a way to have those reviews removed once I take ownership - I don't want people avoiding me because of his past mistakes.

Andrew in the forums suggested he request that the current owner to delete his Google Places account. Then the reviews should go as well. He also suggests renaming the business, just because of the possible bad karma associated with the business.

Do you agree?

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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No Name

09/01/2010 12:33 pm

Surely this is just common sense. New owner - new account. You don't leave the deeds, the bank accounts etc in the old owners name why the Google account. It is just another facet of the promotion of the business that changes with new onwership

Kyle Gibson

09/01/2010 09:51 pm

I absolutely think he should go with a new account AND rename the business. At the very least, he should advertise the heck out of the fact that it's now under new management. He needs to make it his own.


09/01/2010 11:02 pm

Deleting the Google Places listing or account won't do anything, it'll just mean it won't show up for the moment. As soon as you add a new Google Places listing back, Google will reassociate all of the reviews to the listing if the business information is a good quality match. This is the classic reputation management issue, so he should follow the same basic principles: * Do a great job of running his business * Seek to build positive reviews * Contact website owners that have negative reviews posted, let them know you're under new management and ask them to remove the poor reviews * ...


09/02/2010 04:50 am

I absolutely agree with Kyle. Why should you continue to use the same name for the business when it has a bad image. I would only consider it when the name is well known and the majority of the people talk positive about the company.


09/02/2010 11:51 pm

It'd be stupid of Google to make it that easy to get rid of reviews... That means even if the owner hasn't changed, someone can get rid of their dodgey past. Have a think about it.

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