Adding Businesses To Google Maps / Places Fails In Internet Explorer

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A new bug with Google Places seems to be preventing some Internet Explorer users from adding a new business to Google Places / Maps.

This was first reported a few days ago at the Google Places Help forum and Google acknowledged the bug yesterday, saying they fixed it. The issue is, they fixed one bug, which now leads to another bug.

I personally tried this myself using Internet Explorer 8 and it failed. Go to Google Places, click on add a new business and then you will be taken to a blank page. Here is a picture:

Google Places Add Business IE8 Bug

According to some people, this has been going on for a week now. Yesterday, Google said they fixed it. Google's Linda said:

We've notified our engineering teams and it should be fixed if you're an IE user.

Please report back if you're still seeing this particular problem with the popup screen.

Well, there is no popup issue, but there still is a blank white screen.

Solution? Switch browsers. :)

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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Briana Malmstrom

08/31/2010 12:45 pm

No, I disagree. "Switch browsers" is a form of web snobbery and part of a continuing trend of irresponsible design and development. I think IE is a joke in general, but I still use it, along with Firefox, Safari and whtever else I need to suit the job at hand. As a designer and SEO, I know folks won't change from their trusted browser easily, no matter how ***backwards the browser is (excluding IE6. Die.) Major functionality should be truly cross-browser compatible. Whether it's a dentist website or...Google. Showing bias for one browser or another personally is fine, but when it comes to the user experience, developing for a select set of or even one browser is just not a healthy thing to do for the user community.

Barry Schwartz

08/31/2010 12:54 pm

Briana, I was being sarcastic, which is why I used a smiley face.

Briana Malmstrom

09/01/2010 01:04 pm

Thanks for the clarification. I'll add that to my omnibus of emoticon semitotics. :)

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