Google Updating Search Results As You Type

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Rob Ousbey spotted Google updating the search results as he typed in the Google search box. This is literally shocking and intriguing for me. Here is his video, you must watch it:

I assume Google is testing this on users with only fast internet connections, because this can take time to run. Unless they are prefetching stuff, but even then...

Tedster has three excellent points in a WebmasterWorld thread:

(1) I have a feeling it could surface a lot of value beyond pure Search Suggestions. Maybe it should be called "SERP Suggestions".

(2) I also have a feeling that it could drive the average search user crazy - thinking of a few relatives who still can't figure out some basics. Seeing the screen change so much would probably freak them out.

(3) I hope all those temporary SERPs don't allow Firefox to prefetch - that would really confuse the server logs.

I wouldn't be surprised if Google releases this to the public. Well, I know many would, but honestly, they keep surprising me, so I won't be surprised anymore. :)

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08/23/2010 01:09 pm

The real question nobody seems to be asking is how this is going to effect the Google ads, as they refresh as you type as well. is this going to count as an impression, and what will this do to your CTR?


08/23/2010 02:18 pm

wow... now that is real time search... I am wondering though, how this would affect quality score in adwords?? hmm


08/23/2010 11:55 pm

If this affects impressions, thus CTR, I think QS would be affected too.


08/24/2010 05:21 pm

It's an interesting concept... Amazing that they can achieve this...That is some serious technology there, but a little distracting. I honestly think that the live type feature they introduced in Google wave was one of it's major downfalls. How many searchers really want this technology?

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