Yahoo Site Explorer Migrating Into Bing Webmaster Tools & More

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As you know by now, Yahoo promised to complete the transition to being fully powered by Bing in the U.S. and Canada within a week of time. But what does that mean for the beloved Yahoo Site Explorer or BOSS or Search Monkey?

Site Explorer will stick around until all of the migration is complete. But when the Bing transition in the U.S. and Canada are complete, within a week or so, Yahoo hopes to announce when Bing will have the Site Explorer features in Bing Webmaster Tools.

When Bing released their new Bing Webmaster Center it was missing a critical feature, linkage data. Many speculated that Yahoo Site Explorer would replace it and that is kind of true. Bing Webmaster Center will get linkage tools via Site Explorers framework, some how. We should know exactly when that will happen in a week or so.

BOSS is sticking around too, but there will be some ways to monetize that so it makes sense for Yahoo to keep it around. I believe Bing will power some of Yahoo BOSS and Yahoo will power parts of it as well. But there are not many details exactly what will happen with BOSS going forward at this point.

SearchMonkey is kind of dead. The developer tools are going away but they markup techniques will remain on Yahoo Search. Bing may or may not use some of the markup techniques, but Yahoo will continue to use it to make the search results richer there.

You can learn a lot more about the specifics at the Yahoo Developer blog and on the Yahoo Search blog.

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Matthew Cummins

11/08/2010 09:38 am

As far as I can see the above has not yet occurred, with yahoo site explorer still active. What is the consensus now - have they changed their mind, or just running behind schedule?


05/30/2011 08:55 am

The Yahoo site Explorer now shows as "undergoing maintenance".  Gone forever?  Who knows?

seo outsourcing

07/14/2011 11:49 am

Yes,the yahoo site explorer is still active but from the latest news,i cant confess on that it will continue forever.May be it will closed in a month.

Zhou Yaya

04/01/2013 09:08 am

This is a good news, but it is no need now, i have to replace yahoo site explorer, and it is more better,

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