Word "Google" In Google Places Submission Put You In A Manual Review

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I often see people complaining that it takes too long for their Google Places verified listing to show up or be approved on Google Maps. In some cases, Google will place certain submissions into a holding pattern so a Googler can manually review.

I believe one of those areas is the category of locksmith. For some reason, locksmiths try to abuse Google Maps.

Today, I learned a new, but in hindsight, obvious reason to be placed in a hold for manual review. Using the word "Google" anywhere in your listing will place your listing on hold for a manual review. What is funny is even using the the email address, google@mydomain.com would put you on hold.

Joel H from Google said in a Google Places Help thread:

If you're curious why you where flagged: using the term 'google' requires extra review. You added email address google@yourdomains.com which caused the listings to be flagged. I understand why people use these unique email addresses, but we do check up on its usage in listings. This can be a problem when folks put tracking parameters in URLs with 'google' in them too.

I hope you understand why it was flagged, but I want to be clear, we should have been more responsive, and I'm taking that feedback back to the team to help alleviate this issue for other users.

So, don't submit with a google@ email or stick google in your tracking parameters or elsewhere if you want faster approval.

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Jim Banks

08/06/2010 12:38 pm

Or if you type Google into Google you can break the internet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrQUWUfmR_I

Stefano Gorgoni

08/06/2010 12:50 pm

yup, not a new thing. months ago, i had a listing pending for more than a month: then changed in the description "Google Analaytics" to "GA" and listing got approved immediately.

No Name

08/06/2010 09:06 pm

The "locksmith's" supposedly abusing Google are NOT locksmiths# They are #usually# foreign non-work visa'd contractors working for foreign entities# They don't know HOW to locksmith, and usually simply drill locks out charging the customer up to 200 times the quoted price# Their sole purpose is to rip people off, not to do any work, and NONE are licensed as locksmiths or even as businesses in any state they operate in# Before you go badmouthing an old, established, skilled, and usually extremely ethical career and group of people, you should really try typing "locksmith scam" into Google# We legitimate locksmiths are not involved in this behavior, we are most often the victim of it# 20 years in one lo#ation, with tons of good reviews, only to have our entire identity and na#e stolen by Google's easy methodology in one fell swoop# The reason Google is cracking down on this is because locksmiths, LEGITIMATE locksmiths, threatened to class action suit# Here's some research to get you started# A retraction would be handy, as even the na#e "locksmith" doesn't apply to these scamming bastards# http://blogs#abcnews#com/theblotter/2007/07/the-locksmith-m#html http://www#locksmithwiki#com/lockwiki/index#php/Fraudulent_Locksmith_Companies http://www#bbb#org/us/article/bbb-warns-consumers-of-nationwide-locksmith-swindle-you-may-have-been-a-victim-and-not-even-know-it-4966 http://blogs#riverfronttimes#com/dailyrft/2009/11/israeli_locksmith_ring_charged_with_fraud_group_operated_out_of_missouri_florida#php http://www#youtube#com/watch?v=wYK7-3AJRZM http://www#sandiegolockandsafe#com/locksmithscams#html http://www#aloa#org/pressroom#html http://www#aloa#org/pdf/pressroom#pdf http://www#8newsnow#com/Global/story#asp?S=10927916 http://locksmithcharley#com/SCAMS/SCAMS#html http://www#google#com/search?num=50&hl=en&newwindow=1&pwst=1&rlz=1T4GGLL_enUS373US373&&sa=X&ei=XndcTPa2NoPGsAOe-dAF&ved=0CBwQvwUoAQ&q=nationwide+locksmith+scams&spell=1


08/08/2010 05:48 am

I found using "AdWords" can also get you put in for Review.


01/29/2013 07:20 am

great. i updated the business in Google places and unfortunately now its not been showing anywhere. any help? i would be really glad if you solve this issue.?

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