Google Doesn't Use Alexa Data For Sitelinks or PageRank

Aug 6, 2010 • 8:14 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

alexa logoI spotted a funny but yet basic SEO concept in a Google Webmaster Help thread.

One webmaster asked, and I quote:

It true that Get sitelinks from Google is directly related to traffic of

The first flag that this is a poor question is that I had to edit several typos in the question itself.

The second flag is that a Googler comes in and gives a straight forward answer, as opposed to tip-toeing around the response.

JohnMu from Google clearly said, no! He said:

Just to be very clear: Alexa's metrics do not play a role in whether or not Sitelinks are shown for a site for a specific query.

There you have it - a clear, very clear, response from Google on Alexa's role at Google, or lack there of.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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William Vicary

08/06/2010 12:26 pm

I can sleep better at night now I know this :D If only they were half as direct in answering other questions!

Ka Damar

08/06/2010 11:33 pm

google pagerank alexa rank is always the opposite, if a good alexa rank alexa rank is a little, on the contrary, a good google pagerank is a value much

No Name

08/07/2010 07:16 pm

very good answer! alexa's cocnept is very confusing sometimes.

Greg Swan

08/07/2010 10:34 pm

Nothing better than a direct answer from Google. Thanks!

Mi-liee Cyrus

02/24/2014 10:17 am

my web showing many links.. but only by 1 in linking expression... do you why.. ?

Narendra Sharma

04/14/2014 07:37 am

Alexa ranking is quite confusing.As I had 15 days old domain which got around 180000 ranking but my 3 months old domain is at zero for my domain ranking.So i couldn't understand it

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