New Google AdWords Certified Profile Links Not Working

Jul 28, 2010 • 8:11 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

BizWriter notified me that those who have been passing the Google AdWords Certification program have not been rewarded with a certification logo that actually works.

BizWriter is one of those top experts in the AdWords Help forums. He took the new AdWords exam in order to re-certify himself and his company but the link to his profile returns an error.

The error reads:

Profile Unavailable

The profile of this Individual is not currently available, either because they are not currently qualified, they have disabled their profile, or the profile does not exist.

BizWriter is not the only one with the issue, there is a thread at Google AdWords Help forums with complaints from other AdWords professionals.

One said they contacted Google about this and they promised to investigate it. So far, the links still do not work.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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07/29/2010 01:18 pm

That's so strange. The company I work for, Hudson Horizons, just achieved Google Adwords certification and I included a link to our profile in a recent blog entry. I have not noticed any issues with our profile being unavailable yet but I wonder if that's because it's cached on my computer. Either way, hopefully Google fixes this soon.

Robert Brady

07/29/2010 08:51 pm

Mine is working.

Jeff Meland

07/30/2010 01:54 pm

I have the same problem. I passed the adwords test in May and the link was working for several weeks after that. But now today (July 30) I noticed it does not work.


03/21/2011 10:32 pm



08/19/2011 03:50 am

is google checkout really safe to buy a car? I am talking to someone and she is telling me all about this google checkout. I personally have not heard of it before.So, to find out more information about it i went to the website.  It has comments on there sayingthat they are scams.  So, I am just curious now and looking for red flags if there are any.  Most of the time scammers will put them there make it seem like its a good deal but in the end its all fake. 


03/13/2012 11:39 pm

Asking you to wire money is a red glad. Google checkout only accepts credit/debit cards.

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