How Do You Verify Someone Is Linking To You

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A WebmasterWorld thread has one link builder asking other link builders how they go about verifying sites are actually linking to their sites.

Link builders get others to link to their site. They do this by writing excellent content, providing linkable stuff, begging, asking and even paying for links. Once you get the link, you want to make sure it sticks - especially if you are paying.

I am pretty sure the more advanced link building companies build software to check sites on a routine schedule. They build spiders that sniff out pages where the link should reside. They aren't 100% foolproof but they help.

Other companies use other tools to aid in ensuring links are where they should be. Some use Yahoo Site Explorer, some use Google Webmaster Tools, some use advanced search queries.

While others simply do hand checks from a list of sites they check manually.

What do you do?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

07/23/2010 06:51 am

I wrote an own tool which check the links automatically. It also proves for nofollow-definition in the head-section and also in the anchor-tag. So I don't have to worry about loosing links. I always have an overview about my whole incoming links.

John Straw

07/23/2010 09:57 am

We create web map around your site but also measure influence and relevance - lets you prioritize your relationships....


07/23/2010 10:25 am

You can try a free link building tool with a automatic link checker here:

SEO Professionals

08/25/2011 03:09 am

LINK TO SITES OF GOOD QUALITY - It is ABSOLUTELY imperative that the sites you choose to link to are reputable, reliable, and honest and most of all have integrity. Don't hang out with the wrong link crowd and the link you choose to join should be related to your niche.

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