Webmasters Complain Over New Google Image Design

Jul 21, 2010 • 8:39 am | comments (10) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

A week before Google announced the launch of the new Image Search design, we spotted it and wrote about it. We even posted detailed pictures of the new image design.

Now, yesterday, Google announced it and everyone should see the new design. Before I get into the complaints, watch this quick video on what changed:

The main issue from a webmaster perspective, as noted in WebmasterWorld, is that when you click on an image, it doesn't take you to the site. Instead, it keeps you on Google, overlays the image in large format on top of your grayed out web site.

So any ads on your site won't be clickable after the first click from Google. Users are instructed to either go back, click on the web site with the image or click on the actual image source file. I should note that clicking anywhere on the background web site will take you to that web site. Here is a picture:

Google Images Clicks

Outside of that, there are complaints from searchers. The complaints are not as loud as with the Google News redesign or Web Search redesign or the fade in approach, but there are some. There was actually an interesting bug reported at Google Web Search Help. Here is how you duplicate it, go to image search, search for something, scroll the page, click on Google's logo, search for something else and click on "images".

Out side of that, many people are calling Google out on copying Bing one more time.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint Forums and Google Web Search Help.

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07/22/2010 08:30 am

That really is appalling.


07/22/2010 10:42 am

We don't like it either. I hope they change it back.


07/22/2010 01:09 pm

The new google image interface is awful and it seems disorganized, you have to do extra work to see images. Bad move in my opinion on googles part. Changing too many things too fast and then they end changing everything back. It seems like they are forcing ppl to go to bing.


07/24/2010 01:03 am

Im still seeing the old google image in IE8 / Win 7. I tried clearing cache / history etc. but it still shows the long "Gooooogle" page select at the bottom and descriptions under each image. New google image appears proper in firefox.


07/25/2010 12:39 am

You don't have to be webmaster to hate the design, you don't even have to be a human beeing. Any lifeform would hate it.


07/28/2010 12:47 pm

It seems really slow and jerky on my machine. In my opinion it's better to use Gazoomy (http://www.gazoomy.com) which uses Google but remains simple and fast.


08/02/2010 06:04 pm

it loads hundreds of pictures from 20 pages ALL AT ONCE. WHO NEEDS THAT?! google has made a lot of annoying design changes this year. how do we complain???

Rob Abdul

08/04/2010 06:55 am

If it aint broke dont fix it!


08/06/2010 08:19 pm

Both youtube's new design and google's new design... I cant believe they accepted such thing. What the hell were they smoking? Old desings were better looking and much much much useful.


02/02/2011 03:28 am

i agree google new image view sucks big time. i get tired of double clicking for one thing and multiply that doing 100 times. they need to get their act together instead of trying to compete with apple.

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