Searchers Seeing Bing Powered Yahoo Results

Jul 20, 2010 • 9:19 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

yahoo powered by bingYahoo said they will be testing Bing powered search results this month.

Since then, I haven't really seen anyone say they see it. How will you know if you are in a test group that is seeing the Bing powered Yahoo search results? Simple. The organic results should match Bing exactly.

Now, a senior member at WebmasterWorld said he saw the exact same results on Yahoo that he sees on Bing. He then eventually cleared his cookies and the results no longer matched. I trust him, he was 100% in the test group seeing Bing powered Yahoo results.

Textex, the person who saw it said:

I was seeing it for all queries. I then cleared my cookies and it was gone.

I personally tried it on several browsers and operating systems and did not see it myself. But who knows how likely I am to see these results.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/28/2010 07:57 pm

Looks like it's going on now. My client's impression volume on Yahoo has dropped like a rock today.

No Name

08/19/2010 09:03 am

I saw it, and it was not pleasing, because my site's listing that used to be on yahoo's first page SERP was gone. I never ranked in Bing or their network, and cared less. But if Bing will continue to populate Yahoo's search listings, then I should care.

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