How Much Of Your SEO Consulting Is Billable?

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A thread at HighRankings Forum asks members, how much of their time is billable. Some may work 10 hours per day and some may work 2 hours per day, of the time you work, how much of it is billable?

The person asked:

If you spend 50 hours/week doing SEO consulting, how much of that time do you get paid for @ your regular fee?

just head this question in my mind again after someone told me over a year ago that up to 50% of their time wasn't even billed..wondering if it's the same for SEO consultants.

A good questions. Personally, close to none of my time is billable. I run a web development company and my employee's time is billable, not mine. I run stats on how much of their time is billable and, for them at least, most of my guys are over 6 hours per 8 hours of billable work, which is good.

Here is a poll, of the time you are "working" (i.e. at work, doing seo, reading educational material, etc), how much of that time is billable?

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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No Name

07/21/2010 08:15 pm

There is always conflict involved on whether to bill 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. However, this is not exclusive to SEO work. I have friends and relatives working in other service industries (working for themselves) and they have the same issue. Personally, I believe as your business grows it is much easier to bill more hours as you are less concerned about running your client's charges up too high in their mind.

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