3 Months Later, Google AdSense Publisher Still Hacked & Out Tens Of Thousands

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Two months ago, we reported AdSense Account Hacked, Google Sends ~$25,000 Payment To India. In short, an AdSense publishers account was hacked into, the password and email address on file were changed and the bank account information was also changed. The losses are in the tens of thousands of dollars for this publisher.

Soon after we wrote about it, Google's official AdSense representative replied to the publisher at WebmasterWorld, "we've reached out to Eurydice via private message to help resolve this specific issue." The thing is, AdSense Advisor's private message box is full, so when the publisher tried to reply, he got a mailbox full error.

Since trying that route, he has emailed Adsense Support and posted to Google Adsense's forum. Still not luck. He said his "account still has someone in India as the payee." I am being told this is not just an isolated issue and that others are having this issue as well.

Someone should really reach out this this publisher and try to get to the bottom of it.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Rob Abdul

07/09/2010 12:50 pm

Wow this is very scary stuff!

Jim Shepherd

07/09/2010 12:54 pm

Google AdSense has been a bit dodgy as of late, I posted an article about how they saw in to the future and in their version of the future I will be violating their terms of agreement, but I have not yet. When I tried to get a response I was met with yet another automated reply. Are there any humanoid lifeforms working at Google AdSense?

No Name

07/09/2010 02:09 pm

Prevention is always better than cure! Anyone has prevention methods to share against Adsense Hacking?


07/21/2010 11:50 am

hi. i seen many people saying my adsense account is hacked if ur account is also hacked send me ur detail like Adsense payee name Adsense email address last 3 password 1 2 3 security question answer and when u created your email address and when u loged in last time i will recover you account if u dont have above all detail then only send me Email password and whatever you know . i will recover through software also you just have to pay 2 doller for each account . contact email. adsence.suport.noreply@gmail.com

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