Google Maps Labels Oceans, Seas, Lakes & Other Bodies Of Water

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A few days ago, a Google Maps user asked Google in a Google Maps Help forum if they can add labels or names to bodies of water. The person asked, why are no oceans, seas, lakes and so on labelled on Google Maps.

Google Maps representative, Dave, who is a Product Manager from Google's Seattle office said that it is coming soon. Dave said:

Thanks for your note, this is something we're working on and hopefully will be done soon!

I decided to take a look this morning and to my surprise, many bodies of water are labeled.

For example, you can see here Google labeled the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico:

Google Label Oceans & Water

You can also see Google labeled Lake Erie:

Google Label Lakes & Water

Maybe when Google said "soon" they meant really soon or maybe I am confused and not understanding what is being discussed here?

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

Update: Seems like Google did have some bodies of water labeled already, so maybe many many more are coming any day now?

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07/07/2010 01:57 pm

They still have a long way to go. The Mediterranean sea (a really major large body of water) is still not labeled. So aren't the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea - two very large seas. And I'm not even talking about smaller bodies like the Dead Sea - which is a well known one. I believe the labeling is still *very* US-centric. Look for "East Syracuse Reservoir" for example... This thing is barely 600m by 150m in size, and it's not unique. An amazing number of small lakes and reservoirs are labeled in the US. As for the rest of the world, labeling the 5 oceans and a handful of gulfs is far away from being complete. I hope they're working on labeling thousands if not hundreds of thousands of bodies of water around the world, just like they did in the US, because it is very useful for searchers, IMO.

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